How to choose a bread machine

Bread is the basis of the cuisine of many peoples of the world. No wonder the people have so many expressions about the role of bread in the house. Until recently, the tradition of making bread at home was a thing of the past, as it took a lot of time. However, thanks to technological progress, it is now possible to cook tasty and fresh bread yourself, and most importantly - do not put much effort and do not spend a lot of time.

To do this, you need to buy a bread machine, however, before you do this, you need to understand all the nuances of this device in order to make the right choice.

Choosing the right bread machine is important

The first thing you are advised to start choosing a bread machine with is power. She usually be in the range from 450 to 860 watts. It is most practical to buy with an average value. These cost a little cheaper, plus reduce energy consumption. Next, pay attention to the volume of the furnace. Everything is simple here: you need to take large sizes, especially if you have a large family.

Separately, you should pay attention to functionality, because here people most often make mistakes. Often enough to take with minimal functions, because this is enough to bake delicious bread.

If your friends have a bread machine, you should consult with them, perhaps even just not to repeat their mistake. If they are happy with everything, take the opportunity and come to visit to see the device yourself.

Important. Before you go to the store or buy on the Internet, read the product description, compare prices, and most importantly - find reliable reviews from other customers. So you will be as prepared for the purchase as possible and do not make standard mistakes.

Now we should dwell on the technical specifications in more detail.

Functionality of the bread machine

Ideally, the more features, the better. However, one must remember that often this significantly increases the cost of the bread maker. Therefore, in such a situation, it is necessary to clearly understand why you need an oven and what a minimal set of functions will suit you.

The main and most popular features are:

  • quick bread;
  • knead the dough;
  • plain bread.

Often manufacturers add additional features to the device:

  • manufacture of confectionery;
  • making jam;
  • Borodino bread.
  • Baking loose bread for sandwiches;
  • Cooking butter and yogurt.

By the way, another advantage of many bakers is the ability to cook bread according to an individual recipe. This is important for people who have health problems or are on a diet. In addition, the bread machine can only be used for kneading dough, for example, under dumplings, pies and more.

Important. Often people, when buying a bread machine with a lot of functions, never used them.

Main settings

After you become familiar with the functions, you should proceed to the analysis of the parameters of the breadmaker. In short, unlike many other devices, it will not be difficult to figure this out, because most of the characteristics have a simple comparison category - size. But you should start with power.

Power bread machine

In rare cases, the maximum power can reach 1700 watts. The minimum power is 400 watts. Power affects the speed of kneading the dough, as well as the speed of baking. However, a high power baker consumes a large amount of energy. If you are not in a hurry, then it is worth stopping at the average value in the area 700-800 watts. Such a bread machine is much cheaper and consumes less energy.

Bowl volume

This characteristic is very important, because it makes it possible to prepare bakery products of the right size. There are three main types of bowls in size.


In such a bowl, you can bake a product with a mass from 450 to 750 grams. As a rule, such a product is enough for a day for one or two people. If the family has more people and they love flour, then with such a bowl you need to do several approaches, which will significantly take your time.


In such a bowl you can cook bread up to 1 kg. Basically, such bread is enough for a small family in 2-3 people.


Such a bowl makes it possible to bake a mass of product up to 2 kg. This is often convenient when guests come to you, or when there are about 5 people in a family and everyone loves flour products.

Number of blades

The number of blades is directly related to the size of the bowl. They are located in the middle of the bowl and allow you to knead the dough. If you buy a bread machine with a small bowl, then one shovel is enough, but for a large bowl this will not be enough.

Many manufacturers try to reduce costs and put just one shovel in a large bowl. In this case, mixing a large amount of dough can cause difficulties for the device, and you will have to reduce the size of the product. It turns out that they bought a bread maker with a big bowl in vain.

Important. Large bowls and two blades have several disadvantages. Firstly, the product is obtained with an uneven crust, which is aesthetically not attractive. Secondly, it is often very difficult to prepare a small product in a large bowl, since the dough between the blades is distributed unevenly, and sometimes even settles to the bottom.

Additional functions

Modern bread machines are often equipped with additional options for convenience:

  • timer. A very useful thing, because it makes it possible to bake bread at the right time without being distracted by it at the most inopportune time;
  • surge protection. This function will keep your device safe and keep its durability;
  • child lock. Often children can open the lid while cooking, thereby injuring themselves. With this feature, children will not be able to open the lid;
  • dispenser. This function significantly increases the cost of the device, because it makes it possible to fill flour products with filling;
  • stop memory. In the event of a power failure, this function makes it possible to continue the baking process from the moment of a forced stop.

Popular programs

There are four programs:

  • standard. Includes the whole process of cooking bread and lasts about 3,5 hours;
  • accelerated. This opportunity to reduce time costs, because the bread is prepared in 2 hours. The big minus is that he cooks quickly due to faster kneading. Because of this, the dough is not very magnificent;
  • kneading dough. There is in all models, however, in some of them there is the possibility of kneading a different test;
  • bakery products.

Some models have a program such as "French bread", it takes a lot of time, but the bread is lush and very soft. Some devices have a cupcakes program.

Expert advice

There are a couple of nuances that experts pay attention to:

  • wall thickness of the bread maker. If you like a well-fried crust, then the walls should be thicker.
  • the presence of non-stick coating
  • bread machine material. The cheapest option is plastic, but it is less durable. More reliable is steel. The only minus is divorces, but this is a small problem.

How to choose a budget bread machine at a reasonable price

In order not to spend extra money, you need to immediately understand the main thing: why do you need a bread machine. If you understand that you will rarely use it, using only standard recipes and classic functions, then you do not need to spend a lot of money on a very expensive bread machine. Remember that often the price is not a guarantee of quality, but the calculation of the price of each additional function. In addition, if you do not need baking large volumes, then you can reduce costs by purchasing bread machines with a smaller bowl. Another way to save money without losing much as a result is to buy a baker with a lower capacity.

Rating of proven models

Today, there are several models on the market that have an excellent reputation and a large number of positive reviews:
Moulinex OW613. This manufacturer is a well-known global brand. This model has a small power (700 W), the bowl can accommodate up to 1,5 kg test and equipped 2 shoulder blades.
Philips HD9016 - This is a small bread machine from another well-known manufacturer of equipment. It has a power of 500 watts, holds 1 kg of dough and is equipped with 1 spatula.
SUPRA BMS-150 - high-quality, but very economical option. Small oven holds up to 0.5 kg of doughhas power 530 watts. The case is plastic.

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