How to clean a mattress at home

There are many ways to contaminate, even just bought, a mattress. Contamination does not give an aesthetic appearance and may be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. The mattress is dimensional, so just put it in the washing machine will not succeed. Therefore, it is important to know how you can remove stains and unpleasant odors with your own hands.

Each type of mattress has its own cleaning features. For some, wet cleaning is suitable; for others, only dry. It is also important to know how not to damage the fabric and to prevent mold. In this article we will talk about how to quickly and efficiently clean the mattress from various contaminants and odors.

Features of cleaning mattresses with different fillers

Home cleaning can completely ruin the mattress. Therefore, you should always read the label, which indicates how you can and how not to clean the product.

A cotton wool mattress necessarily requires airing, turning over. Such a mattress filler will not deteriorate from water. But you need to be prepared that cotton wool dries a lot of time. Therefore, the less water - the better. In order for the product to last for a long time, regular wet and dry cleaning are required.

Mattresses filled with coconut coir are rapidly gaining popularity. Washing with water is strictly prohibited. Only need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and knocked out. An exception is light wet wiping.

Latex mattresses are not afraid of water. For a good washing effect, soak it. The mattress dries relatively quickly. But drying should be exclusively in the fresh air so that the fabrics do not become damp. Airing and turning are also required for such a filler. Usually these are orthopedic mattresses, which, due to the block structure, dry for a long time, but are washed completely.

How to remove stains from a mattress at home

Each type of spot requires a special approach. Some contaminants are better washed in cold water, some in hot. It is also important to choose a tool that will effectively cope with pollution and will not damage the upholstery or filler.

Important! Stains should be removed immediately after their appearance. The longer the substance stays on the tissue, the deeper it is absorbed into its fibers.

How to remove fresh blood stains from a mattress

In order to eliminate the stain of fresh blood on the mattress, you need to use only cold water. Protein will coagulate upon contact with hot water. To remove proteins, you can use a meat softener. The rust remedy will remove the remaining iron that is in the blood. Cold water with the salt dissolved in it will also cope with the stain that has just appeared. And hydrogen peroxide also copes well with fresh blood stains.

How to remove old blood stains

Removing dried blood stains is extremely difficult. It is unlikely that it will completely eliminate the shade. In order to weaken the shade, you can use a solution that consists of:

  • 50 g of hydrogen peroxide;
  • a tablespoon of salt;
  • 2 tablespoons of corn starch.

The tool just needs to be applied to the stain without rubbing. When everything is dry, grains need to be removed with a brush and vacuum cleaned.

How to remove coffee stains

Coffee stains are especially visible. It is also very difficult to remove them, since coffee completely soaks the fabric. For cleaning wet wash using liquid or mild soap. Also, if the stain is not very old, it can be removed with saline. Drying is a must.

How to remove stains from wine

Wine reliably stains the fabric. The spot can be from pink to burgundy. Pour soda or salt onto the stain. The dirt should be under the substance for half an hour, after which the soda (salt) is removed with a vacuum cleaner. The remaining trace must be treated with dry foam from a cleaning agent.

How to clean a mattress from urine

A spot from the urine is not only visible visually, but also smells. Therefore, wash the soiled mattress as soon as possible. An ordinary liquid soap foamed in hot water is best suited. You can also stash with salted lemon juice, leaving the mixture on the spot for 2 hours. An old spot is covered with soda. A dusted mattress can be left overnight. In the morning, you need to collect soda with a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean mold and mildew mattress

Due to excess moisture, mold and fungus appear on the mattress. The main remedy is drying. Layers of mold and mildew can simply be wiped off the mattress. The remaining spores must be vacuumed. It is best to wipe the mattress with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. After processing the solution, it must be thoroughly washed off with water. Special disinfectants are quite effective. But the store tool will not cope with layering, because it only kills spores, and does not remove dirt.

Rememberthat mold can even cause cancer or tuberculosis.

Cleaning orthopedic mattresses

Wash orthopedic mattresses is not recommended. Due to their large size, they will dry for too long, which can cause the effects of dampness. To clean, refer to the filler. Latex mattresses with a simple structure can be stuck, but be sure to set to dry in the sun. Also, stains are removed by store means, which are presented in a wide variety.

From dust and dust mites

Most often, people shake out a mattress to clean it. Dust is instantly pulled out, as are dust mites. The sun's rays are an excellent disinfectant. But it is best to remove dust particles and mites from a vacuum cleaner for a couple. Such a vacuum cleaner kills ticks with hot steam, and dust is removed along with evaporated particles of water. For the complete disposal of ticks, you can use special tools that need to process the entire mattress.

Dust can cause many diseases. It is known as a strong allergen, so even a hypoallergenic mattress needs to be shaken out of dust. It is almost impossible to notice ticks, so the mattress needs to be knocked out regularly and warmed up in the sun. The mattress is quite difficult to move and if it is not possible to ventilate the mattress in the fresh air, it is necessary to cover it with a damp sheet, which prevents the spread of dust throughout the room and clap the mattress with intense movements. Then, removing the sheet, let the mattress “breathe” for a while and get a good rest.

How to remove odors from a mattress

It is always difficult to remove odors. Usually one remedy is indispensable. It’s especially difficult to cope with old odors. They are less harsh, but the aroma is therefore not more pleasant. The most common are odors:

  • urine of animals and people;
  • vomiting
  • mold
  • tobacco smoke.

Each type of odor pollution needs to be dealt with in different ways.

How to remove the smell of urine from a mattress

The best solution to get rid of the smell of fresh urine is a solution of vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1. They need to soak a little stain, and vinegar absorbs all unpleasant odors. The smell of an old urine stain is perfectly eliminated with laundry soap. The stain needs to be wet and rubbed on it with soap. Let the surface remain soapy for about 20 minutes. The soapy place is also wetted with a solution of vinegar. After that, wipe the mattress with a damp, clean piece of cloth. It is better to dry in the fresh air, in the sun.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from a mattress

Pet urine is removed from the mattress, just like human urine. But the place is preferably better disinfected. The stain is soaked in vinegar, which absorbs odors. When the vinegar is completely dry, the place needs to be sprinkled with soda. Vinegar should not neutralize soda. Next, the soda should be sprayed with the following solution:

  • 100 ml of peroxide;
  • half a teaspoon of liquid soap;
  • less than 100 ml of water.

The solution on soda should form a foam that chemically breaks down the urine.

Removing other unpleasant odors

Tobacco smoke is absorbed deep into the fibers of both the filler and the upholstery. The price of soda allows you to completely cover the area of ​​the mattress. Dry soda on the surface absorbs the smell of smoke. In less than a day, the mattress needs to be vacuumed. To completely remove particles of soda, the product can be knocked out.

Dangerous is the smell of mold. It can be eliminated with bleach, after which you need to thoroughly rinse the solution. Do not breathe vapor in the solution. But it should be remembered that chlorine will not only eliminate the smell but also whiten the mattress cover or sofa upholstery, so you should be careful.

The smell of vomiting is very sharp and unpleasant. Fighting him is not easy, but possible. Usually, several methods are used simultaneously for this. First, the smell is eliminated in the same way as the aroma of urine. After that, they are treated with a special cleaning agent for mattresses. In this case, it is necessary to wash it.

The recipe for a universal mattress cleaner

If the origin of the spot is unknown, you can use a universal recipe that helps to cope with many contaminants. Ingredients for the solution:

  • 200 ml of hydrogen peroxide;
  • 3 teaspoons of soda;
  • a couple of drops of detergent for clothes.

The mixture must be poured into a spray bottle and applied to the stain. A fine foam forms, which should be on the surface for 15 minutes. The mixture is washed off with plain warm water, slightly wetting the mattress.

You can easily create another effective tool. For him, they will need in equal proportions:

  • lemon acid;
  • acetic acid.

Use a cotton pad or washcloth to rub the stain. The result is already visible in the process. When there is no more shade of dirt, it is better to dry the washed-out place with a hairdryer, which will evaporate the substance with warm air. Thanks to foaming, many types of spots are successfully removed without leaving a single trace.

How to wash a mattress cover

You can erase the cover only taking into account the composition of the fabric. The tag contains all the data on how to wash the product. If the manufacturer’s recommendations allow washing in a typewriter, then you can safely do it. Features of the fabric that affect the washing must be indicated on the tag (label) of a quality product. You can use ordinary washing powder or liquid detergent.

The case can be safely left to dry clean. Specialists know exactly how not to damage the fabric. With improper washing, it can stretch or shrink. But dry cleaners always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and take into account all the features of the material.

Attention! only dry dry cleaners can be used to clean jacquard fabric products.

Steam generator and vacuum cleaner for cleaning the mattress

If there is a steam generator in the house, then removing stains will not be a problem. The main advantage of cleaning with a steam generator is its ability to kill bacteria. It is the bacteria that produce the unpleasant odor. Hot steam quickly kills bacteria and immediately removes them from the tissue. A vacuum cleaner can handle materials for which wet washing cannot be used.

A vacuum cleaner is needed to dry clean the surface of the mattress. It can clean the product from dust, hair and other small debris. Also, you can not do without a vacuum cleaner if the stain was covered with soda or salt. Only a vacuum cleaner can completely remove them from the fabric. If cleaning is carried out with a dry odor absorber, in addition to a vacuum cleaner, the mattress must be shaken vigorously. The chemical must be completely removed from the mattress.

Prevention and maintenance of the mattress clean

Of course, there are measures to prevent the mattress from pollution. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the mattress, you can:

  • Buy protective cover. Moistureproof mattress cover. Fluids do not pass into the mattress through the cover. The amount of dust inside the mattress will also be significantly reduced. There are covers that repel dust mites;
  • Buy mattress cover. It eliminates the direct hit of dirt on the surface of the upholstery of the mattress. Throwing a mattress cover into the washing machine is much easier than cleaning an entire mattress;
  • Bed linen and other bedding should be washed at least once a week. This will prevent the appearance of ticks;
  • The cover and the mattress itself must be regularly vacuumed. At least once a month;
  • Airing and turning over are mandatory points to keep the mattress clean.

Airing and turning the mattress over

In order for the mattress to serve long and safely, there are two measures that must be taken. Each mattress needs to be ventilated and turned over.

Aeration prevents mold, which is hazardous to health. Ventilate better in the sun. Its rays will disinfect and warm the surface, which will ensure rapid evaporation of moisture. If it is not possible to take it outside, it is necessary to position the mattress so that it stands in the draft of open windows. Airing should be carried out at least once a month.

For additional ventilation, the mattress needs to be turned once a month - two overturn. At the same time, it is advisable to remove dust from the bottom of the bed with a wet rag. Flip better "eight." Swap not only the bottom and top of the mattress, but also the location for the legs and head.

Important! Before turning the mattress over, you need to make sure it can be done. Some models are intended for use by one party..

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