Want to attract fortune to the house? Clean the auspicious day of the week

In previous times, special sacred significance was attached to the harvesting. With the help of brooms and sweepers, the dwelling got rid of troubles and evil forces, swept away lack of money. When you start cleaning the house, you need to take into account that any untimely undertakings can attract negative. On what days can you clean up the house, and when should you refrain from cleaning?


The beginning of the week can not be called the right moment to restore order. Many people are of the opinion that on Monday, otherworldly forces are particularly active, and various undertakings on this day can provoke an adverse effect not only on a person, but also on his dwelling.

Reference! In ancient times, it was believed that cleaning the house on that day was capable of attracting financial difficulties to the house.


This day is considered the most suitable for restoring order in the house, including for cleaning floors. On Tuesday, the effect of negative power is noticeably weakened. Bringing order not only helps to clear living space, but also allows you to fill the home with favorable energy. To do this, wet cleaning is recommended to combine with rituals based on the interaction with water.


General cleaning is better not to plan on Wednesday. But to refresh the floors, wiping them with a wet cloth, it is quite acceptable. Those who are experiencing difficulties in affairs should pursue cleaning not only the dwelling, but also the working room. Bringing order of this kind will have a positive effect on family relations and will bring financial stability.


On Thursday it is recommended to start cleaning in the afternoon. It should be before the beginning of this process to open the windows and doors in the house. Thanks to this, the dwelling will be filled with fresh air and at the same time will be relieved of stagnant energy. It is not recommended to use a vacuum cleaner on Thursday, it is better to replace it with a broom.

Tip! It is undesirable to use on this day when cleaning household chemicals. It is better to replace such products with natural substances (for example, soda).


It is not suitable for cleaning and washing. Bringing order to the house on Friday may trigger financial dependence. The affairs begun on this day will be accompanied by various obstacles, and the result is likely to completely fall short of expectations.

Tip! Instead of cleaning on Friday, it is advisable to go to the store to buy things for repairs, various household needs and home decoration. Shopping will be successful and will last long enough.


This day is filled with a positive atmosphere, and is considered one of the most suitable for restoring order and comfort in the house. The basic principle of the Sabbath day is the purity of space and man.

Any household chores related to restoring order, on this day, promise financial gains, deliverance from diseases, harmonious and happy family relationships. On Saturday, you can safely perform even the most ambitious and complex homework.

Tip! Long-term repair on Saturday is better not to start.


According to tradition, this day is not allowed to do all sorts of physical labor. This is due to the Christian custom of devoting Sundays to church trips and spiritual practice.

It is believed that ignoring this custom can lead to increased likelihood of quarrels and financial problems.

Sunday is recommended to devote to the spiritual and energetic cleaning of housing.

Cleaning the house - the action is mandatory. This process involves getting rid of the home not only from dust, debris and dirt, but also from accumulating negative emotions and negative energy. In order for such an activity not only to provide cleanliness, but also to bring benefits, it is very important to choose a suitable day for cleaning the house.



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