Do-it-yourself table to the cottage

Cottage - this is not only work on the site, a uniform tan throughout the body and daily fatigue. She is also associated with recreation, barbecue, fishing, gatherings with friends and relatives. Without comfortable furniture located under the shady branches of fruit trees, you can’t fully enjoy the weekend, you can do it yourself by spending a little time and money. How to make a table for the cottage with your own hands and is it really so simple?

Possible designs

Variations of tables are limited only by imagination and can be either compact or large, equipped with countertops of various shapes. The most popular folding structures, small round tables and products, knocked together from boards, which can certainly be found in any cottage. Often there are tables assembled from pallets, as well as simple designs from large stumps with a worktop installed on them. As for the legs, they can be straight, crossed, or they can be absent - instead of them, another pallet can be attached from below, for example.

Big table for a summer residence

The key is wood - it must be of high quality and dry. In addition, spruce, pine and other conifers, although simple to process, emit tar during operation, which can stain the tablecloth. The best choice will be oak, ash, birch, aspen, which are more durable and attractive in appearance.

As for the material, then for the country table you will need:

  • a board 30 mm thick minimum;
  • timber with a cross section of 50x50 mm or finished balusters;
  • putty and putty knife, glue;
  • self-tapping screws and a screwdriver;
  • sandpaper or grinder;
  • drill with drills;
  • pencil, tape measure, construction level.

Before starting work, all wooden products should be thoroughly treated with sandpaper until smooth. It is advisable to buy tongue-and-groove boards, if possible - the countertop in this case will be solid and without gaps. Assembling a table for a summer residence is carried out in several stages:

  1. Wireframe. It provides strength and reliability of the structure, while the countertop should be 25-30 cm larger than it. It is formed of 4 boards for the outside and 6 crossbars for the inside. Fixing of boards occurs at right angles with self-tapping screws with preliminary gluing of joints. To avoid the appearance of cracks and chips, holes for screws are drilled in advance. Cross strips should be perpendicular to the sides of the frame, and the caps of the fastening screws are slightly recessed when screwed in. Further? countertop boards are laid face down on the floor, aligned and the frame is placed on them. Drill holes for self-tapping screws and the elements are fixed to each other.
  2. Legs. The tabletop is placed on stools or a workbench, after which the legs are alternately installed in the corners and fixed with clamps. Holes for screws are drilled, glue is applied to the timber, and it is screwed, with at least 4 self-tapping screws.
  3. Finish. After assembly, the table is placed on its legs and carefully sanded. If it was not possible to do without cracks, then they are putty, and after drying, they are rubbed with sandpaper. Then the whole structure is treated with stain or varnish.

It is recommended that all work be carried out using a protective mask and glasses. You can give the finished product an unusual appearance with various patterns applied with paint.

A small table for giving do it yourself

Compact and inexpensive country table can be assembled from pallets. The design is simple, and the process itself takes hours. First of all, pallets and legs made of timber are processed with sandpaper and covered with stain, varnish or paint, which also significantly prolongs the product's service life if it is constantly on the street.

After that, the finished elements are fastened with bolts or long screws and the design is ready for use. During the assembly process, you must also observe safety rules and use protective equipment.

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