DIY loft bed

Fashion is constantly changing and most people follow its trends. The design of rooms and furniture is selected taking into account existing styles and in accordance with individual ideas about comfort. One of the types of interior design is the loft style. What are its features and is it possible to create furniture in this style with your own hands?

Like all the new style, the loft is a long and well-forgotten old option for arranging your home. The history of its origin goes back to the distant 40s of the last century in the United States. Then there was a difficult economic situation in the country and there were simply not enough places to live for everyone. There was only one way out. Use as housing any previously unsuitable premises for this - warehouses, attics. There was no time for everything to be beautifully planned and arranged, so the dwelling was a creative chaos.

After, it was this image that was loved and creative people began to use. They liked the freedom of style and the ability to express themselves in this way. The characteristic features of this image, which you can also try to create, are the following:

  1. The entire space of the room is a single whole. Only the bathroom and toilet are protected. Everything else creates one big composition.
  2. The windows should be large, open, without curtains.
  3. The walls not only do not wallpaper, but also try to give them the appearance of brickwork with elements of damage and destruction.
  4. Preferably, wooden planks, beams, metal supports are visible.

IMPORTANT! This style primarily means a lot of free space in the room without unnecessary obstacles and with a minimum of things.

Even beds are created specifically for this style. They do not have and should not have any definite image, since here the main role is played by the imagination of the designer himself. There is no clear framework, there are only placement rules. The bed should not take up much space. The hinged option is widespread, often the beds in the loft style room are simply placed in the center of the room and surrounded by the rest of the interior.

There are many options for making beds, the appearance of which is suitable for the loft style. The choice of design should be made by the owner of the room. Here, everything will depend only on the imagination and the author’s own wishes. Loft style is just suitable for creative people who are constantly looking for ways to express themselves. Since this style is distinguished by both simplicity of design and a striking appearance, the bed can be made without worrying that it will look unpretentious or not conform to accepted standards and dimensions. This, on the contrary, will become a kind of highlight in the interior.

The basic building rules and an example of making a bed with your own hands are given below. Step-by-step instructions will help to achieve a good result and save on the purchase of furniture:

  1. The first step is to choose the materials from which we want to make our designer furniture. In our case, we will take construction pallets. They can be easily reached at the nearest construction site.
  2. Dry and remove burrs and nicks with sandpaper.
  3. For a longer service life, it is recommended to cover the wood with a layer of primer, varnish or special impregnation.
  4. Connect the pallets together in a single frame. This will be the basis of the future bed. You adjust the quantity and sizes yourself, guided by the possibilities and your own preferences. You can make both a rectangular and an L-shaped.
  5. After you have a frame, put the mattress on it not too high, but such that it gives softness to the structure and completely covers the entire surface.
  6. Choose the color of the blankets and pillows for the interior and complement the look. Pillows are usually used very much. They are evenly laid out around the perimeter of the blanket.
  7. For beauty and decoration, you can decorate the walls near the bed with inscriptions, and for fencing the beds they usually use screens - they are hung at the base of the bed.

This method is the most economical and convenient to build. Also an undoubted advantage will be the convenience of transportation. If necessary, pallets can be easily disassembled and transported.

There are numerous options and models. The loft style is popular in that it is not typical for it to follow strict rules, so the image and type of design depends on you.

There are mounting methods:

  • suspension system;
  • support on the floor;
  • special frameworks from bars.

By type of head:

  • metal case with pillows on it;
  • wooden structure;
  • artificially aged lining.

The design of the base of the bed:

  • flat bottom;
  • the presence of a special recess in the frame for storing things;
  • high elevated frame type;
  • several levels of pallets in which you can put shoes, tools, books and much more.

Make your home modern and stylish. The loft bed will look perfect and will not take up much space.

Watch the video: Queen Loft Bed with Desk for a Small Bedroom (April 2020).


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