Is it possible to bake in a slow cooker in foil

The slow cooker allows you to bake delicious and healthy dishes, while maintaining the maximum amount of vitamins in the products. To make the food even more juicy and tender, it can be prepared using food foil. At the same time, it is important to know how to use it correctly so that culinary experiments do not end with a breakdown of the kitchen appliance.

Can foil be used in a multicooker

The cooking process in the multicooker bowl occurs due to the gradual heating of the products for a set time, while only the temperature of the internal container changes. Since microwave radiation is not used for this, it is permissible to use food foil in a multicooker. When used correctly, it makes cooking easier and faster.

The use of foil in a multicooker has the following advantages:

  • uniform cooking without burning;
  • preservation of juiciness of food;
  • saving time on washing the bowl;
  • the possibility of cooking without adding oil.

Food baked in this form is less nutritious and more healthy. Such dishes can be used in diet and baby food. Juice from the products does not flow, but remains inside. Due to this, more vitamins and nutrients are stored in the dish. If you bake on a slow cooker using foil, then there is practically no trace of food and the inner surface of the bowl can be easily cleaned without the use of additional cleaners.

Before using the foil in a multicooker, you must read the instructions for the device. Since aluminum is a metal, in some models its use is prohibited due to the possible occurrence of electrical cod. This may cause the multicooker to fail.

IMPORTANT! In some models of multicookers, the use of aluminum films is prohibited, since this material can be electrified by contact with the surface of the bowl and cause damage to the device.

If the manufacturer does not prohibit the use of metallic materials in the technical data sheet, then use of the foil is allowed, observing the appropriate safety measures for working with the device.

It is worth noting that in expensive models the food is warming up evenly without the use of additional materials, however, the foil allows not only to keep heat, but also to make the cooking process more convenient.

Baking rules in a multicooker in foil

The foil preparation process includes the following steps:

  1. The ingredients are being prepared.
  2. Everything is folded into a pre-cut piece of material.
  3. Wrapped products are neatly placed on the bottom of the multicooker.
  4. Dishes are cooked in baking mode.

The most convenient way of folding the ingredients is folding in the form of a bag. To do this, fold the ribbon in half, put all the products in the center, then bend the edges to keep the juice of the dish from leaking out. Some recipes include leaving a small hole for the release of excess steam, so that the heated filling does not explode and tear the shell.

IMPORTANT! Inaccurate use of auxiliary materials can lead to damage to the surface of the bowl or burning material to the bottom of the tank.

It is recommended to observe the following rules of baking in foil:

  1. Products are covered with the shiny side of the sheet, while its smooth part remains on the outside.
  2. If the tape sticks to the bottom, grease the surface of the bowl with a small amount of vegetable oil. Also, this will help to avoid possible electrification in contact with the bowl.
  3. The foil can be used as a lining material for baking cakes and pies. Before laying it, it is better to warm up the multicooker a little. Heat will allow the film to fit more tightly to the surface.

What to consider when choosing a foil

For use in a slow cooker, a thin, durable foil is most suitable. Thick and hard material can scratch the Teflon coating of the inner bowl, and poor-quality cheap film will tear when wrapping products.

A good aluminum foil should not tear when bent, it can be wrinkled and rolled several times. The packaging usually indicates the purpose of the material. For cooking, you should use the one that has the mark "food". Such aluminum will not be harmful when heated and will not react with food.

It is worth noting that such a film is not suitable for long-term storage of fatty products - over time, aluminum begins to oxidize and the products contained in it cannot be consumed. Therefore, it is better to use it only for cooking or temporary heat storage.

Proper use of the foil in the multicooker can significantly simplify the cooking process. With its help, it is possible to retain heat and ensure uniform temperature distribution across all products. If you follow all the recommendations listed, in this way you can create unusual and fragrant dishes.

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