How to extend the drain hose in a washing machine

Today, having a washing machine at home will not surprise anyone. It would seem that it might be easier to connect this household appliance.

But when installing it on a pre-planned and prepared place, a simple but at the same time unpleasant problem may arise - the length of the drain hose that comes with the machine is not always enough to connect to the sewer hole.

How to extend the drain hose

There are several ways to get out of this situation. - you can purchase a new hose that will be suitable in size to solve this problem and completely replace it, or buy a modular pipe of the desired length.

There are two criteria for selection: the cost of materials and the complexity of installation. In the first method, it is necessary to take into account the individual device of the machine, since in some models the installation complexity may depend on the design of the drain hose connection, because of which sometimes it is necessary to remove the back panel of household appliances.

It should be borne in mind that when dismantling the panels of a machine that is under official warranty service, marked seals can be damaged, as a result of which it will no longer be subject to further repair under the warranty of the manufacturer or seller.

It is important to consider the distance from the equipment to the drain of the sewer, the laid hose should not have sharp differences in height and sharp corners at the bends. He should just lie down, smoothly bend around all obstacles, not be in a tense state, be in a plumbing box, under a bathtub or in a place where he is not accidentally deformed.

When leaving the washing machine, the height of the drain sleeve should not exceed one meter - this makes it difficult to drain dirty water, and in the future it can negatively affect the operation of the pump, up to its breakdown.

To connect the drain modular corrugation, you will need to purchase a plastic coupling and clamps of the desired diameter, which can be bought at almost any hardware store or auto parts store. For work, you need only a screwdriver, suitable for the slots, or a screwdriver with a set of bit bits.

In order to make a connection with your own hands, you need time and a small amount of tool. The modular corrugation is measured according to the required dimensions, then a plastic connector is inserted into both hoses, which is crimped on both sides with clamps.

If the drain hose is completely replaced, carefully read the supplied washing machine manual if you need to remove the back cover. Pay attention to the presence of seals, determine whether it can be removed without danger of violating warranty markers, or you can be trusted by competent specialists in this field of services, but you will have to pay for the work.

Therefore, the owner decides for himself - to do everything himself, or, due to lack of time, lack of desire, will rely on plumbers.

Attention! Before starting work, you must first disconnect the machine from the mains and shut off the water supply. Observing these simple safety rules, you protect yourself from possible injuries and prevent premature failure of your household appliance.

As a result of these manipulations, the following snag may occur - lack of length of the water supply hose to the washing machine. But this problem is solved in a manner similar to the previous one.

The only caveat - This is a purchase not of a plastic nipple, but of brass, with a diameter of 20 mm with an external thread for the connecting nuts of two hoses. At the same time, only muscular strength of the hands will be required for work, due to the fact that the constructive of the flare nuts is made of plastic, and the excessive applied force to tighten them, can lead to deformation and, subsequently, licking of the internal thread of the product. If it is not possible to tighten them sufficiently tightly or they are in a place inconvenient for work, use the open-end wrench of the required size, while controlling the effort as much as possible.

Water hose replacement

You can also completely replace the water supply hose to the washing machine by purchasing a ready-made pipe of the required length. Unlike a complete drain hose replacement, there is no need to disassemble a third of the washing machine, since the locknut with a rubber seal / external thread (depending on the model of household appliances) at the water inlet is on the back of the machine.

Reference! In order not to fall into such situations in the future, you need to select the equipment and its location as accurately as possible. If your bathroom, kitchen, utility room in which the machine will be located, is at the repair stage, then you need to make sure that plumbers install water supply, sewage, water outlet outlets (the height of the entrance / exit must comply with building codes, otherwise it threatens with the further formation of blockages in the drain pipes) according to a pre-compiled plan which will take into account the further comfortable arrangement of plumbing, household appliances and furniture.

As you can see, having analyzed the article written above, there is nothing complicated in lengthening the drain / feed hose of the washing machine, and even a fragile housewife can cope with this task.

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