What is a coconut coir in a mattress

Coconut Coir Mattress Filler - is a natural material that is used to fill mattresses.

Coconut fibers are pressed and create the so-called slabs, which are placed inside the mattress. The material is considered environmentally friendly, it helps to correctly distribute the pressure on the springs inside the mattress. Gives the necessary rigidity and regulates the correct distribution of the body over the mattress.


The benefit is that the coconut in the mattresses allows you to correctly distribute the weight on the springs and optimize the stiffness for the sleeping person.


Speaking of 100% hypoallergenic mattresses with the addition of coir, manufacturers are cunning. Yes, the raw material coconut coir is a natural product, but in order to fasten it, they use a special emulsion based on latex, and this is no longer a natural product, and often, especially in children's models, such mattresses can cause allergies. And such an emulsion in mattresses, for example, in the children's line, makes up more than half the composition of the mattress. That is, about sixty percent falls on synthetic filling and the manufacturer writes about the naturalness of the product and hypoallergenicity.

Coira, in itself in its purest form, is like a fiber-safe product. This is a coconut hair coat. According to its characteristics, the material has many positive qualities - this is both providing good support for the back muscles, and the load distribution on the spring component of the mattress. But still talking about 100% naturalness of such materials and absolute hypoallergenicity is not necessary.

Sometimes, when you buy a new mattress, you smell the incomprehensible rubber, this is just the smell from the latex binding emulsion, which helps to combine coir fibers into a single whole

Differences between biococon and coconut

Biococos is a blend of coconut coir and polyester fiber. The fiber is hygienic, does not smell and does not absorb external odors, breathing, does not allow ticks to multiply and does not cause attacks of an allergic reaction. Mattresses filled with biococos have a good service life and excellent spring support characteristics. The composition of biococos does not allow springs to sag or bulge out.

Biococos is an improved version of the coconut coir that allows the product to withstand wet cleaning within 95 degreesAlso, the mattress can be dry cleaned. Such characteristics make the material a desirable filler for mattresses for people prone to allergies.

Latex coconut coir

Latexed coconut coir gives the mattress the necessary stiffness, support. Can be used as a layer thick 5-6 cm. It gives the mattress not only orthopedic properties, but also anatomical. The composition contains latex, as a result of which such a filler gains protection against dust mites and the growth of bacteria. It absorbs moisture and maintains an optimal microclimate of a berth. Such a filler does not crumble and does not age over time. The ratio of latex to coir is usually fifty to fifty.

Extruded Coconut Coir

The method of producing coconut coir - called pressed, needle-punched.

Koyra is first pressed, and then with the help of special needles it breaks through. Pressed filler is less wear resistant than latex. From loads, he quickly becomes worthless.

Polyester fiber bonded coconut coir

Excellent fiber for its hygienic and wear-resistant properties. Polyester fibers provide protection against ticks, bacteria. Such fiber does not deform with prolonged use and can withstand loads.

Is coconut coir dangerous in baby mattresses?

A mattress for a child must first be environmentally friendly. Do not rely on 100% natural products. Coconut coir works best when mixed with polyester fiber. The so-called biocoira is an excellent solution for a children's mattress. It is worth paying attention to the price of the product. Coconut coir can't be cheap. The price is reduced if the quality of the coir is not up to par. Firstly, the coir may not be ripe, its color is light in this case.

Important! choose a coir should be dark brown. The color should not be dull, but saturated.

And of course, you need to look at the quality characteristics of raw materials, certificates and compliance with production norms and standards. You need to buy the product only from a trusted supplier.

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