Sizes of anti-decubitus mattresses

The most necessary equipment to avoid the formation of pressure sores is an anti-decubitus mattress. Besides that every 2-2.5 hours you need to change the position of the patient’s body, process, wash the skin - often this is not enough, so you need to have such equipment. Know that acquiring it will be much cheaper (in financial matters and the severity of further treatment) than treating pressure sores and associated infections that can spread throughout the body.

The size of the decubitus mattress is very important. It is important to consider that it should be longer than a person’s height by 15-20 cm after all, when lying down, growth increases. Also, many factors influence the choice:

  • Weight
  • Severity of the disease
  • Physical activity of the patient

Anti-decubitus mattress size chart

MattressTubularPatient weight kg.CellularPatient weight kg.
Size see180x84x11up to 120
Size see195x90x6up to 140195x90x6.330-120
Size see205x95x10.5up to 150

How to choose the right size of an anti-decubitus mattress

It all depends on the weight of the patient. If you want to buy an anti-decubitus mattress with great massage ability, but a person can move, get out of bed and has little weight, that is, the patient is likely to fall out of bed when he sits on the edge. After all, balloon mattresses are inflated very much, and the patient may not maintain balance.

Important! consider the disease, because there are contraindications.

With injuries of the spine, balloon mattresses and static - This can lead to complications, and patients with designs can completely break it.

Important! In any case, consult your doctor! This will eliminate the error in acquiring the wrong type of decubitus mattress.

Before buying, measure the bed, so you can find exactly the size that fits. The main thing is that he should not be more than a bed, which will interfere with the patient and you, also do not choose too small - it will also cause inconvenience to the patient, because when turning from side to side, the patient may be on a regular mattress, and not on a decubitus bed. It is necessary that the size of the bed exactly matches the size of the equipment.

How much patient weight to choose an anti-decubitus mattress

For static, patient weight should be no more than 90-100 kg, a heavier one will not optimize the pressure on vulnerable areas.

For cellular - maximum weight of a person 120 kg, a larger one will not allow the compressor to pump enough air into the cells, which will significantly reduce the effect.

For larger patients suitable balloonIt is designed for the patient until 240 kilograms and continues to carry out his work with the maximum permissible severity of a person.

Important! When you choose a mattress, consider the power of the compressor, since for patients with high weight, a compressor with a higher power is needed.

A more detailed article on how to choose an anti-decubitus mattress.

What anti-decubitus mattresses are

By size, there are only three types of mattresses:

  • Baby
  • Adults
  • For oversized patients

Each of them is selected individually depending on factors and contraindications. By design and functions performed can also be divided into:


They remind you of a honeycomb, which the compressor in strict order pumps air. This allows you to optimize blood circulation and prevents stagnation of fluids in the tissues of the patient. This type is suitable for bedridden patients who are constantly in bed with minimal physical activity, having pressure sores of the first, second severity.


They consist of longitudinally arranged tubes (cylinders) alternately inflated by air. The effect is much stronger, because the tubes themselves are much larger than in the cellular and the massage will be more effective. Suitable for patients with the third and fourth degree of diligent development, as well as those who are in extremely serious condition and are without movement.


Suitable for patients who spend most of their time lying down, but they can move on their own. The surface remains motionless and takes the form of a body, thus reducing pressure on areas of the body undergoing pressure sores.

And consider compressor noise, they come in all kinds. It is worth choosing the quietest one, because a loudly running compressor will interfere with sleep and simply give an extra, absolutely unnecessary load to the patient.

Keep anti-decubitus mattress not going to fold under the patient, this would interfere with his proper functioning and can increase the load on vulnerable areas of the body and vice versa, increase the chances of developing pressure sores.

Watch the video: KosmoCare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress MM1 for Prevention of BedPressure Sores. (November 2019).


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