How to clean the floors from the smell of animals?

Many people can’t imagine their lives without pets. But with the cat or dog in the house often appears and a characteristic unpleasant smell. All owners of cats and dogs are familiar with this unpleasant phenomenon. How to get rid of this "flavor" that appears in the room where your pet lives?

Efficient cleaning after pets

It is necessary to choose a suitable cleaning agent, taking into account the purpose of treatment and chemical composition. All of them can be divided into the following groups:

  • antibacterial (they provide perfect cleanliness, but they are dangerous for health, they should be used exclusively in protective clothing);
  • antistatic (suitable only for coatings made of polymer or plastic);
  • disinfectants (kill pathogens).

Important! Any of these tools should be used in strict accordance with the instructions, not exceeding the permissible concentration.

Floor treatment

The main source of smell is the floor.. They can be processed by various ways, depending on the type of coverage.

Wood the floors are worst treated by an unpleasant smell. this floor can be processed linseed oil (an excellent natural antiseptic), it will eliminate certain types of bacteria and fungi and give the surface a beautiful shine.

Linoleum can refresh food vinegar or iodine and hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol and undiluted vodka also help well. You can also use professional cleaning products suitable for this type of coating.

Tile - ideal floor option for a room where they live pets. This cover Easy to clean and wash. It can be safely used to disinfect "aggressive" household chemicals.

Carpet - far from the best coating option, not distinguished by hygiene and environmental friendliness. Such coatings can be treated in various ways (for example, glycerin) but, as practice shows, in this case it will be rather difficult to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Professional tools

You can use to get rid of unpleasant odor means that are sold in large quantities in stores.

Reference! The most effective drugs contain enzymes that effectively destroy the urinary salts.

Dolphin Brilant - effective low-foaming agent based on polymers. Can apply for laminate, linoleum, PVC floors, wooden floors and ceramic tiles. Quickly eliminates the sharp smell, leaving a pleasant aroma after application.

Nature's miracle well removes unpleasant odors and any organic pollution. Can be used for carpet cleaning. For old stains and an established smell, it is better to use a hard brush and leave the product for 1 hour to get the maximum effect.

Domestos - This tool is usually used for washing toilet bowls, but they can also effectively clean the floor from the results of the vital activity of pets. To do this, dilute the glass of such a product in a bucket of water and clean the floor with the solution.

Mr. Proper - You can resort to using this popular tool. It is necessary to take into account that it will only help to "mask" the smell, while not eliminating the causes of its appearance.

Folk remedies

There is a mass of folk remedies that effectively eliminate the smell of pets. Some of them are usually available in the house, the rest can be easily purchased at the nearest store.

Vodka, lemon and manganese

Many housewives prefer to get rid of the unpleasant smell, treating the contaminated area with vodka, lemon juice and potassium permanganate.

Manganese (potassium permanganate)

A weak pale pink solution should be applied to the surface that needs to be cleaned; after a few minutes, rinse with cold water.

Important! Under the influence of potassium permanganate, the color of the surface may change; therefore, you should first test the solution in a small inconspicuous area.

Vodka, vinegar and water

In a suitable container you need to pour 5 liters of water, then add a glass of vinegar and a glass of vodka. This solution can be used to treat floors and hard surfaces.

You can dilute a small amount of vinegar in an equal amount of water, soak a rag in a solution, and leave it on an unpleasant-smelling stain until completely dry. In this way, you can clean the linoleum and laminate.

Wipes and Hydrogen Peroxide

If home darling made a puddle on the carpet, first of all, it is necessary to carefully collect urine using moisture-absorbing wipes, not “driving” in this case the liquid into the fabric of the carpet.

After this spot need generously wetted with vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water, and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then remove excess moisture using a dry towel and apply baking soda to the contaminated area, mixed to a state of gruel with 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture must be thoroughly rubbed into the stain and left to dry completely, and then vacuumed.


10 drops of iodine need to be diluted in 1 liter of water and wash the contaminated surface with the resulting solution.

Important! This method can not be applied to lacquer coatings.


If you squeeze lemon juice on the stain and after a couple of minutes, wipe this place with a rag, the trace and unpleasant smell will disappear.


It absorbs unpleasant odors. It is necessary to rub the soda into the contaminated area with a brush or sponge and after 2-3 hours, sweep with a broom or vacuum the treated area.

Laundry soap

It is necessary to rub a piece of such soap on a fine grater and mix with water until a slurry forms. Then the mush should be evenly distributed on the polluted part of the floor and leave for 30 minutes. After that, wash the surface with warm water.


Effective tool that can wean the pet to mark the territory. Dogs and cats do not like the smell of vodka. It is necessary to rub the stain with vodka, and new stains on this place will not appear.


This tool well washes traces of urine and eliminates odor. You need to pour a small amount into a bucket of water and wash the contaminated surface.

Important! An air ionizer that generates negatively charged oxygen ions will help to make additional air purification.

Get rid of the smell of animals in the house is not so difficult. Of the above methods, each owner of the living will be able to choose for themselves the most suitable option. If the smell has already eaten too much, it may be necessary to apply several methods to eliminate it.

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