The keyboard is lit but does not work, what to do

Each device tends to degrade its performance over time. However, this does not mean that it is no longer able to fully perform the functions. Thus, in this article we will consider a situation in which the keyboard has become inoperative: we will find out the reasons and ways to eliminate them.

Keyboard lights are on but not working

In the case presented, it is worth understanding that the source of the malfunction lies directly in the software. It is recommended that the following possible options be highlighted:

  • The most common is a driver failure. Most often, the necessary programs are installed independently. However, one should not forget about the additional installation, when the equipment is manufactured from one manufacturer, and a personal computer from another.
  • In addition, we can mention the lack of settings directly in the BIOS itself.
  • When a virus icon appears on the monitor along with a defect in the keyboard, it makes sense to think about detecting a virus program. Most likely, the built-in key management technology was adopted as a malicious file, which, accordingly, led to inoperability.

The keyboard does not work and the lights do not light

In this case, it is worth paying attention to several other aspects, which are indicated below:

  • The most common cause is a damaged cable. However, here it is necessary to determine directly the place that turned out to be damaged.
  • In addition, some users are trying to attach a previously inoperative unit to the main equipment. This usually happens because of forgetfulness.
  • It may also be that a different liquid (tea, coffee, any drink) gets into the structure. Therefore, a short circuit occurs, due to which the contacts burn out (NumLock is not lit).

IMPORTANT! It is not uncommon for an element that controls ports on the board to also fail.

  • Similar to the previous paragraph can serve as pollution. As it is often dust, small particles of garbage and so on.

REFERENCE! Correcting the situation is possible if the source is not yet hello to the circuit.

  • Upon purchase, it is worth checking for the presence of preliminary defects, since the probability of a defective structure is not ruled out.
  • In conclusion, it is important to touch on the topic of power surges. Sometimes starting a PC gives an unplanned failure.

Causes of problems and how to fix them

Depending on the above cases, it is worthwhile to adhere to certain methods of elimination. To simplify the following recommendations:

  • In case of blockages and various contaminations, it is advisable to disassemble the keyboard and eliminate accumulated dust. If there is liquid inside, you can use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean it.
  • When the cable is damaged, you need to either parse and solder. Without special skills, you will have to acquire a new product.
  • If the drivers fail, you need to check the icon in the "device manager".

REFERENCE! If it burns, then the problem is really in them. Therefore, you have to download new ones on the official website of the manufacturer.

  • If viruses are detected, you should reinstall the damaged files, and then play the scan for malware.


Thus, having previously ascertained the cause, one can easily eradicate the malfunction. With running cases, of course, the best option would be to contact the service center directly or purchase another keyboard.

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