What is dcr monitor

In the past few years, a new abbreviation has appeared. It can be found in the specifications of new TV models (released after 2017). It uses a new technology for creating image quality. This is done as movies and games evolve and demands grow. Currently, technology is often used for monitors, as it helps to improve image quality.

What is dcr monitor

The acronym dcr sounds like a dynamic contrast ratio. This means a contrast ratio, in other words, a high dynamic range. This indicator affects the ability of the screen to transmit a large difference in bright elements between the dark and bright parts of the picture. The image is getting better and more realistic. Details of movie scenes are retained. This is especially important since some televisions are equipped with brightness and contrast limiters. At low contrast, dark shades of gray will appear as black, and at high brightness, some colors turn white. Therefore, NVIDIA created DCR, breaking away from the following rules:

  1. A bright image should always be bright.
  2. Dark is always dark.
  3. Details should be visible in both bright and dark pictures.

Why do I need a dcr monitor

With the relation, another concept is connected - rendering. It is needed so that the graphics can calculate the brightness of the pixels that are transmitted in the highest range. Rendering will also allow to preserve the natural brightness and transfer the properties of transparent materials, for example, glass or optical phenomena (refraction and reflection of light). In normal rendering, very bright light sources, such as the sun, are assigned a brightness factor of 1.0, which means white. But DCR rendering is able to exceed the coefficient of 1.0, and transmit the bright rays of the sun in a better quality and more detailed. This was achieved by reproducing the reflection of rays from surfaces. The same thing with contrast. The human eye is able to perceive the darkest shades. Rendering betrays them as efficiently as possible. It follows that DCR is needed to make the image detailed.

When to use the option

The basis of contrast is the ability of the screen to independently increase or decrease the brightness. This indicator depends on the scenes shown (some should be as bright as possible). This is achieved by increasing the backlight power. And if you want to make the image as dark as possible, the backlight can turn off completely. Manufacturers were able to set the contrast value at which the brightest shades are compared (when the backlight is working at maximum) and the darkest (when it is off). This technique has become very common as the range has become very high (the difference is from one to a million). The parameter should be used when you like to see this big difference in brightness. If not, it should be disabled.

Note! This technique did not make a huge contribution to the ratio of brightness and contrast. The picture changes very quickly, and the human eye can rarely catch the difference. And if you compare one scene, bright and dark areas look the same.

DCR is needed to get a dynamic image. The technology does not stand still, and the quality, as well as image characteristics, will constantly improve.

Watch the video: What is Contrast Ratio? (April 2020).


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