Design of a bedroom in black and white

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, mainly in its design, soft and soothing tones and romantic styles are used. However, recently black-and-white design is gaining more and more popularity. Indeed, with a competent approach, choosing the right style and the right selection of color combinations and decor, such a bedroom also becomes a wonderful and very extraordinary place to relax.

Thanks to the bright contrast, such an unusual design perfectly zones the space of the room. In this case, you need to carefully approach the choice of which shade will be more and what these tones will be used for.

If black is chosen for wall decoration, then furniture and textiles should be white and vice versa.

White is ideal for bedrooms of a small area, it visually makes it larger and fills with light. Light colors give the room freshness, vitality and creates a calm stop. However, it should not be too much, as the room becomes empty and cold.

A large amount of black makes the atmosphere dark and dark. Due to the fact that it dims the light, the room seems smaller in size. Therefore, it is not suitable for small bedrooms. At the same time, he gives the room sophistication and elegance. The best option is black is used at the bottom, and white at the top.

It is also necessary to use various shades of these colors to add warmth and coziness.

Suitable shades:

  • Lactic;
  • Cream;
  • Pearl;
  • Smoky;
  • Ivory;
  • Carbonic;
  • The color of wet asphalt or prunes;
  • Glossy shades of black - chocolate;

For the bedroom, cream-white is the ideal solution. In this case, it is desirable that he was the main indoors. It is ideal for both large and small bedrooms.

What styles are suitable for black and white

Black - white design is demanding on the style of the room. Ideal stylistic options are:

  • Classic design. When you design a bedroom with this style, you need to choose the right accessories that will be in harmony with black and white colors. It can be candlesticks in metallic shades, various ornaments and decorations;
  • Minimalism. Such a color gram will be an ideal solution for design in the style of minimalism, since it implies a minimum of furniture, accessories and various shades in the interior. It is desirable that white in the design be dominant;
  • High tech. Modern and very functional style, also does not imply the use of a large number of colors and decor elements. Black and white performance emphasize its brevity;
  • Vintage. When decorating a room, dark shades are mainly used. Therefore, a black bed and other furniture will be the perfect solution in a vintage bedroom;
  • Art Deco. It will be a great choice for romantic natures. When decorating walls, floors and ceilings, preference should be given to white. Black is used in textiles, decor and various accessories;

As a flooring are well suited:

  • Ceramic tile. It can be of the same color or with an ornament;
  • Carpet. Thanks to its soft texture, it softens the room;
  • Parquet;
  • Laminate;
  • A natural stone;

If tile or stone is used, it is advisable to organize a floor heating system, otherwise a cold floor will cause discomfort. You can also use a carpet.

The floor can be either dark or light.

The ceiling can be made in absolutely any way. Both the stretched version and the painted one will look great. When decorating the ceiling, you can use stucco moldings and moldings. Most importantly, this would be combined with the overall style of the room.

When decorating the walls, it is worth remembering that the tone used can visually expand the space or make it smaller. Therefore, you need to focus on the area of ​​the room. Any materials are suitable for decoration. True, do not use wooden panels.

When decorating a room, it must be remembered that a balance of tones must be observed.

The most common option is dark furniture. She looks great against the backdrop of cream-white walls and ceiling. If dark colors were used for decoration, then the furniture, on the contrary, should be white. Material is selected based on the style of the room.

When choosing lighting, you should focus on the main color used. If it is black, then a lot of light sources will be needed. It is desirable that they be made in the same style. With dominant light, spotlights located on the dark side of the bedroom are ideal.

If the room has small windows, then you need to choose a white finish, as natural light will not be enough from a dark bedroom.

Curtains and textiles are selected taking into account the main color and style used. Curtains with the right pattern will look good. They will be able to emphasize and focus on the design of the room. Jewelry is also selected based on the general style. It can be various figurines, paintings or photographs, vases or candlesticks.

With dominant black, bright colors are allowed to dilute gloom and create an accent.

Bright accents

The use of complementary colors will help make the room more comfortable and harmonious. In this case, most should be done in black and white.

Suitable are:

  • Red. Use it very carefully. Otherwise, the bedroom will lose harmony. There should not be much red. For example, curtains or decorative pillows will give the room a finished look;
  • Yellow. Bright and juicy color will bring freshness and vigor to the room. When using, also do not get carried away with it. One or two decor items are enough;
  • Green. You need to choose calm shades, for example, the color of mint or olive. Shades of green will bring peace and tranquility to the bedroom;
  • Beige. Shades of beige make the room easy and add coziness;

Additional tones are best used in the form of textiles - curtains, rugs or decorative pillows. When choosing a tone, you need to consider the style of the room and the dominant color.

Professional designers in the design of the bedroom are advised to use the formula 60x30x10. 60 is the dominant tone used to decorate floors, walls and ceilings, and 10 is an additional third shade to create accents.

It is advisable to take curtains from light tissues - silk, organza.

Do not forget about the area of ​​the room.

Such an interior requires frequent cleaning, so you need to choose moisture-resistant surfaces. For furniture, it is advisable to use removable covers. If paint is used to decorate the walls, then you need to choose a paint for outdoor use.

Despite the fact that such a design is very difficult to execute, with the right approach and the right choice of colors and accessories, a black and white bedroom can become an ornament in the house.

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