DIY loft bed

Perhaps the most unusual approach to decorating a bedroom and creating a cozy place to relax is to purchase an attic bed. The name of the bed was not accidental; its design involves a second tier, which can be climbed by a special staircase. This option is perfect for a small room.

The two-tier model allows you to save space and pleases the household with its unusual appearance. Such furniture will be especially interesting for young children who constantly love to play and have fun. The bed will become for them a kind of playground and attraction. But usually, prices in stores are very high and not everyone can afford this luxury. Therefore, we offer the option of self-made beds using improvised tools at home.

Basically, the meaning of this design is to install the bed body on the second tier with the help of supports or fixtures, and to equip the working area below. Usually the height at which the bed is installed is approximately equal to human height and is 1.8 - 2 meters. Depending on the height of the ceilings in the house, the height of the person for whom the bed is made and personal preferences, the height can be changed and selected individually.

There are three types of installation of this design. Each type has its advantages and is convenient in certain situations. The choice of one or another method of attachment depends on the parameters of the apartment.

The main types of attic bed installation:

  1. The use of the classical system of the supporting frame. For this option, it will be necessary to create powerful supporting structures that can withstand the weight of the bed and person and will not break. The convenience of this method is the ability to quickly move. Since the case is not attached to the walls and ceiling, it can easily be moved to another place without disassembling.
  2. The use of two support beams and fixation to the wall using special fasteners. Unlike the previous version, this option is more stable, since one side is firmly fixed. This creates a safe environment for games, but makes it impossible for the structure to move freely around the room.
  3. The most interesting and bold design decision is a bed without supports. This method involves fixing the housing to the ceiling and walls due to the fasteners equipped for this. This option is only suitable for those houses in which thick and strong load-bearing walls.

IMPORTANT! Be careful and carefully calculate everything. Any of these methods can be done independently, the choice is yours. The main thing is to ensure safety. The third option is not the easiest and its design carries a certain risk. Therefore, we recommend focusing on the first two models.

Another important point will be the creation of a ladder that will be attached to the main body. This part also has its own ways of execution. If you have enough free space and you need a reliable and safe design, then use the stairs with a slope. If, however, there is not much space, then a direct option will do. However, due to the lack of angle, this view may not be very convenient. This problem can be solved using wide steps with a special rubber gasket for better grip.

In order to complete all the work and create a truly good and reliable thing, high-quality materials will be required. Choose carefully, see that there are no defects and chips in the wood.

Finding everything you need is not so difficult. Here is a list of what is required:

  1. A beam with a cross section of 10 × 10 cm. You can even take more, this will make the frame more powerful and safer. Keep in mind that each corner will require approximately 2-2.3 m!
  2. Boards for upholstery and to create stairs.
  3. Hammer and nails.
  4. Hand saw.
  5. Self-tapping screws, screws.
  6. Sandpaper or grinder for wood processing.
  7. Varnish, impregnation and decoration paint.
  8. Level for accurate installation.
  9. Measuring tape and carpentry pencil.

Before you begin, make sure you have enough material. It is best to take bars and boards with a margin. During work, there may be chips or calculation errors, so there should always be a margin.

Not everyone can boast excellent skills in construction and repair, so we will consider the simplest way to make a structure that anyone can do. We will tell you how to make supports and install a second tier.

The classic model, which we talked about above, should be mounted on four reference points. This method is most convenient because it does not require special equipment, does not take much time and effort. The combination of price and quality definitely deserves attention. The most important point will be the creation of a baseline drawing, on which the work will be conducted.

  1. Choose a location for your future product. It is important that the dimensions of the bed itself are cleaned in the location you choose, since even though the frame will be on top, the beam that serves as a support will still take up space.
  2. On the diagram, indicate the lengths of all sides of your attic bed. It turns out a rectangle.
  3. To this rectangle, four bars should be installed at each corner. Choose the optimal height and reflect it in the scheme.
  4. For a more reliable frame, use additional stiffening ribs and sheathe it with boards or bars of a smaller section.
  5. Now add a ladder to the plan. The most convenient option will be without a tilt angle.

IMPORTANT! Room measurements should be taken to find the best combination of height. The bed should not interfere with the people below. But to make it too high is also not worth it, a person should calmly climb it and sleep comfortably, without hitting the ceiling.

After creating the drawing, you can get to work. Once again, check your scheme, make sure that everything in it meets the requirements and your desires. If all is well, then we begin to perform actions in order:

  1. Run the frame from the bars. To do this, connect them together using boards around the perimeter. The top of the beam should protrude slightly above the bed.
  2. To strengthen the product, it is necessary to make additional supports in the form of crosses on all sides. To do this, saw off the beams from a smaller beam at an angle of 45 degrees and pull off adjacent supports.
  3. After creating the foundation, you can do the casing. Close the bottom of the boards. It is possible with a small gap.
  4. The upper protruding parts of the beam must also be beaten with boards or rail. This will serve as a railing and a natural fence for the bed.
  5. In conclusion, you need to make a staircase. Attach two bars to the side. The width between them should be sufficient to freely climb. And install with the help of screws the required number of steps.

The bed is ready, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. This embodiment is very interesting and beautiful. In addition, a constant light load when lifting will have a beneficial effect on health.

Watch the video: Queen Loft Bed with Desk for a Small Bedroom (April 2020).


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