DIY paper ball on the Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration is an obligatory attribute in preparation for the New Year celebration. For this, garlands, tinsel and of course toys are used. The most common are Christmas balls. Now they have a huge assortment. However, store toys must be periodically updated if there are small children or animals in the house. Made independently, firstly, they are durable, and secondly, they add warmth and homeliness to the decor of the spruce.

There are several ways to make home jewelry. However, the most common and simple is the manufacture of paper.

Making a ball at home is quite simple. This requires a minimum of materials and a bit of free time. Also need imagination and accuracy in execution.

Option one

This will require paper of several colors, a stapler, glue and a thin wire. The more will be taken for the manufacture of flowers, the more elegant and festive the result will be balls.

Stages of execution:

  • First you need to cut the circles of the desired diameter. In total, they need 12 pieces. To give the shape of a circle, you can take a glass and circle it on paper. Then cut the resulting circles;
  • Each of the resulting circles must be bent in half, and then folded into one pile. In this case, you need to alternate colors. If you number the colors and take that the first color is 1, the second is 2, the third is 3, then it should turn out like this: 122331122331;
  • Next, the circles need to be fastened with wire along the fold line. The ends of the wire must be twisted together. In the absence of wire, you can use a stapler;
  • After that, the circles need to be spread and glued together according to the scheme: the circle is glued with one adjacent at the top, and with the second one at the bottom;
  • The resulting ball must be straightened, giving it the desired shape and attached on top of a ribbon or thread, with which it will be hung on a Christmas tree;

Second option

To do this, you will need a stencil that can be downloaded on the Internet or neatly redrawn yourself. There are many options for ready-made stencils. But you can show imagination and come up with them yourself. Scissors, glue and a ribbon are also needed.

If this procedure is performed using a color printer, then the stencil can be printed immediately on colored paper.

  • After the stencil is ready, it must be transferred to thick colored paper or cardboard;
  • Blanks of colored paper must be laid out in the form of a flower. The center of the resulting flower must be fixed with a small mug of colored paper;
  • Next, the petals of colored paper must be very carefully intertwined;
  • The ends of the resulting tapes must be glued;
  • In the center of the resulting ball, where the circle was previously glued, it is necessary to make a small incision. In it you need to put a ribbon, for which balls will be suspended on a New Year tree;

IMPORTANT! To make the toy look more festive, you need to take paper of different colors.

Method number three

If you need to slightly diversify the appearance of Christmas tree decorations and dilute the balls with something else, you can make Chinese lanterns.

For the manufacture of flashlights you will need: colored paper, scissors, glue and a ribbon or thread.

REFERENCE! It is advisable to take paper in contrasting colors. For example, yellow and purple, or white and red.

Execution Technology:

  • From two sheets of paper in different colors, you need to cut out the rectangles. One should be slightly larger - 120x800 mm, the second 100x800 mm .;
  • The first rectangle must be twisted into a tube and glue its edges;
  • The second must be folded in half and made several cuts in the middle part, retreating the same distance from the edges;
  • Next, you need to twist it into a tube, like the first sheet, and glue the edges;
  • If everything was done correctly and accurately, the first tube should enter the second. Right up to the end you do not need to insert the tube. First, it is necessary to cover its edges with glue so that it sticks inside the second pipe;
  • To betray the resulting flashlight a more natural look, you can make a pen. To do this, cut a strip from thick colored paper or cardboard, and then glue it to the flashlight;

With the help of simple manipulations, the minimum amount of materials, imagination and creativity, you can make beautiful and unusual New Year decorations. The most important thing is to carry out all the steps carefully, following the instructions. From paper you can make a lot of decorations for spruce, just show your imagination.

Watch the video: Christmas Paper Crafts:How to Make Paper Ball for DIY Party Decorations (January 2020).


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