How to choose a eyelash extension couch

Eyelash extension is a long and complicated procedure, which becomes a whole problem for beginners. The long-term presence of both the client and the master in practically unchanged poses cannot be called comfortable, so you should immediately take care of acquiring suitable furniture. How to choose a couch for eyelash extensions, and what to look for first?

The main types of couches for eyelash extensions

The couch is outwardly similar to the classic medical or cosmetological one and is necessary for the convenient location of the client, for the comfortable work of the leshmaker. According to the principle of transformation, they are divided into:

  • Mechanical. Simple design at an affordable price. The base is made of metal or wood and consists of 2 or 3 parts. A small person comfortably sitting on a 3-section sunbed will be very problematic;
  • Hydraulic. They also have 2 or 3 sections, however, the position is adjusted using a hydraulic lift, which is activated by pressing the pedal. A more comfortable and modern option, but its cost is slightly higher;
  • Electric. The most expensive, but the price is fully justified. The presence of an electric drive ensures noiselessness, power, quick adjustment of sections and their heating, as well as incredible comfort.

The cost of a couch also depends on the country of origin. Domestic is cheaper than European, while the optimal price-quality ratio is ensured by Chinese products.

Pros and cons of folding and awkward couches

The folding option is popular due to its mobility - the product easily takes the shape and dimensions of a suitcase, which is taken for a home call. The advantages are obvious: compactness and low weight (10-11 kg); finished workplace at home at the client; comfort for the client and the master; simplicity in leaving and a minimum of the occupied place. Along with the positive qualities, there are also disadvantages: the time and effort spent on fitting the couch to the client, the absence of a pillow or head restraint.

Clumsy sunbeds are used as stationary equipment, have great comfort and equipment. Their choice is due to:

  • The presence of an electric or hydraulic lift;
  • Headrests for greater customer convenience;
  • Tables and drawers for storing tools and materials.

The disadvantages include the inability to use a lounger for leaving the house, the rather large size of the products, the demand for care and a significant cost that beginner salons can not overpower.

Question about the size of the couches

Which couch to choose for eyelash extensions? The dimensions of the lounger are directly affected: the principle of changing the position of the sections, the presence of a drive, design and functionality. However, there are sizes that are considered to be classical - length 1.8 m, width 0.6 m, height adjustment in the range from 0.65 to 0.75 m. These parameters, as a rule, do not correspond to the electric model, since they have large sizes, as well as products that are made to order.

What type of coating is better to purchase?

Increased demands are placed on the coating - it should contribute to relaxation and a sense of comfort, especially given the duration of the procedure. Ideally, the material:

  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Soft and at the same time durable;
  • Easy to care and resistant to antiseptics.

The best choice would be leather that is odorless, but at the same time has a high cost or a good synthetic leather. Clothing with matter is not practical, since it is easily soiled and quickly wiped, and also does not lend itself to normal sanitization. The optimal ratio of price - quality is eco-leather, which prevents debate of the skin, the appearance of irritations on it, and is also not subject to scratching.

It is a mistake to assume that the couch plays a secondary role in the arrangement of the cabin. In fact, her choice should be focused on - it is she who will provide decent comfort to clients and the absence of fatigue at the end of the procedure. As a result, you will become popular, and every day before starting work, you will smile with a look at the queue of visitors who are looking forward to an eyelash extension session.



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