What can be done from an old coffee maker

Have you purchased a new coffee machine? Congratulations! But, in addition to the pleasure of using miracle technology, you solve the problem: where to put the old coffee machine? Do not rush to throw it! A reliable unit is multifunctional, which many do not even suspect.

An old coffee maker is still useful in your kitchen, it will become an indispensable assistant in a country house. We will teach how you can use a coffee maker not only for making coffee, you can surprise your loved ones as well as colleagues in the office more than once.

Making other possible drinks

Perfectly coping with its main purpose - making a cup of aromatic coffee, you can use a familiar household appliance for preparing a wide variety of drinks:

  1.  Tea. You can delight others with a delicious and rich tea and diversify your feasts if, instead of coffee, fill the container with granulated tea for 2/3. Its taste will be appreciated by lovers of a delicious drink.
  2. Punch. Pampering yourself and your loved ones with a glass of hot punch is easy! This is where the old coffee maker comes in handy. You will need tea bags (1-2), preferably with black; honey, preferably liquid, and whiskey. Mix the ingredients. The amount of each of them is determined by what kind of drink you want to get: more or less strong or sweet. Boil and let it brew. The punch is ready!
  3. Hot chocolate. Children will be delighted with the opportunity to easily cook their favorite hot chocolate from two components: milk and chocolate. Grated chocolate is added to the milk container. It is advisable to use dark chocolate, which is crushed using a fine grater. Mix everything and let it boil. Having once completed the whole process together with adults, the children will subsequently be able to easily control the coffee machine and prepare hot chocolate in it on their own.

Cooking other possible products

The coffee machine will help out more than once when you need to warm up or even cook other various dishes.

At the same time, in some cases, a flask traditionally used to brew coffee is used for cooking, in others, the flask is removed, and the coffee maker is used without it. Consider both options.

Cooking in a flask

Important! When loading products for preparation in a coffee maker, be sure that they do not touch the filter of the appliance. Otherwise, small food particles will clog the filter, which will not allow the use of household appliances.

  • Oatmeal

To make oatmeal, fill the flask with water and pour oatmeal. Use your usual ratio of ingredients to get porridge of the viscosity that you prefer, for example 4 tbsp. l cereal to 1 cup of water. It is enough to boil for 5 minutes, and hot oatmeal for a healthy snack is ready.

  • Rice

Cooking rice takes twice as much time. The cooking process is also simple, fill 2/3 of the flask with water, the remaining third is rice. Turn on the coffee machine, and after 10 minutes, cooked rice can be eaten.

  • Eggs

The same principle is observed when cooking eggs. How much time you need depends on your preference: in two minutes the eggs will be ready "in the bag." And to cook them hard, you need to wait a little longer.

  • Noodles

Pour the noodles with water, reheat in a coffee maker, and use seasonings to make it fragrant.

Attention!Do not apply spices directly to noodles. Put them in the filter, in this case the taste of the dish will be much more interesting.

  • Corn

An ear of corn will be ready after 8 minutes of cooking in a flask.

  • Fondue

Stock up on chocolate fondue ingredients in advance. In addition to the chocolate itself, you will need cream. The fondue will require some time from you: 15 minutes to warm the cream, and another 10 minutes to boil them with added pieces of chocolate.

Fill a suitable dish with viscous hot mixture so that you can dip pieces of fruit, cookies or just crackers there. The taste of chocolate fondue will appeal to everyone!

Cooking without a flask

The coffee maker allows not only cooking. By removing the flask, the unit's hot disc can be used to fry foods.

  • Sandwich

A hot sandwich with various fillings closed on both sides with bread slices can be prepared using a coffee maker. Make a sandwich base from bread and available foods. Turn on the coffee machine with the flask removed and let the disk warm up. Put a sandwich on it, toasting alternately on each side. Be careful not to get burned!

  • Fried sausage

Special sausages for grilling or just slices of sausage can be heated or even thoroughly fried using a heated disk of a coffee maker.

Attention!Do not leave meat products unattended! Turn them over constantly to prevent excessive frying on one side.

So you can just fry sausages or use them for your favorite many hot dogs.

  • Hen

Chicken in a coffee maker? Why not! Having tried to cook chicken in a coffee maker once, you will see: the chicken will be juicy, tasty and well cooked. Water for cooking pieces of chicken does not need very much: poultry meat should be in the water only half or 2/3.

Do not forget to salt, and if you have seasonings on hand, feel free to add them! Turn on the coffee maker and watch the time: the chicken pieces will need to be turned after 15 minutes of cooking. After boiling them for 15 minutes on each side, try the meat, it should be ready. If necessary, leave the bird to brew for some more time.

Have you made sure that a lot of coffee is available? This is true, you can continue culinary experiments with a coffee maker yourself.

Original decor item from an old coffee maker

Even if you do not intend to use the old coffee machine for cooking, do not rush to put it in the pantry. It can become a bright element in the interior of your kitchen.

We change the appearance

Many coffee makers are made of the same color plastic (black, gray, brown, etc.). In this form, there is nothing peculiar and attractive in them. To transform household appliances, you can use the decoupage technique.

To decorate the coffee maker, pick up special paper, you can use special or ordinary napkins with the pattern that fits into your interior. The body color can be completely changed with acrylic paints.

But even if you do not, the selected patterns or patterns from napkins will help the familiar item look completely new. After gluing and drying, the surface is varnished; in this form, the coffee maker can be washed or wiped with a damp cloth. Any decoration will make a typical coffee maker piece and unique.

Fill the flask

A transparent flask of a coffee maker can be not only a container for storing small things, but also become an additional decoration of the interior. Fill it with dried rosebuds or chestnuts, shells or beautiful pebbles collected from the seashore with the children, and it will be a reminder to all family members about a great time.

Before the New Year, you can decorate it by placing cones painted in gold or silver in a flask. And if during the year you put notes in a flask with a brief or encrypted reminder of funny or interesting events, indicating their date, you can have fun on New Year's Eve, together guessing who and what event you wanted to remind.

Second life of an old coffee maker

The unexpected transformation of the old coffee machine will surprise many, will delight the child and give you pleasure. To do this, turn the flask from the coffee maker into a mini aquarium. It is not difficult to do this, as well as to take care of the fish or snails living in the old coffee maker. And the ability to switch and relax is guaranteed!

As you can see, an old coffee maker is not a matter of disposal or storage, but a full-fledged kitchen mechanism, as well as a source of creativity and inspiration.

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