Pods for a coffee machine

Coffee pads are a novelty in the coffee industry. New technologies allow you to prepare aromatic drinks in literally a few minutes, while the taste of coffee does not suffer. Recently, among offices, there has been a tendency to install just pod coffee machines.

What are the pads for a coffee machine?

Chalda is a filter bag with coffee. Its weight is about 7-9 grams. The bag uses exclusively perforated two-ply paper. The shape of the pendant is round.

History reference

The idea of ​​producing pads appeared in Italy, and the name comes from the Italian word "cialda", which translates as "waffle". The first coffee machines working with this product began to be produced by the famous Swiss company Nespresso.

The idea began to develop rapidly and manufacturers did not limit themselves to one sort of coffee. To date, the range includes about 20 species. In Russia, the company "Coupo" began to manufacture new items.


The manufacturing process of pads is quite complicated and includes several stages:

  1. Preparation of coffee beans. Often, manufacturers use several varieties at once.
  2. Roasting coffee.
  3. Environmental impact on the product. This is a pretty important step. Within a few days, the necessary chemical reactions occur that contribute to the full disclosure of all the qualities of the grains.
  4. Making ground coffee.
  5. Sealed packaging, which takes place in just a few seconds. Thanks to such packaging, coffee is able to maintain its taste characteristics for a long time.

Attention! Pads for a long time retain their taste due to sealed packaging.

Pads are usually made in two sizes:

  • diameter 44 mm;
  • diameter 55 mm.

The view depends directly on the model of the coffee machine. The implementation of coffee bags is carried out in boxes or metal cans from 18 to 100 pieces. In this case, the pads can be pressed and powder.

Also, manufacturers can use paper of different weights to create filter bags. This is largely due to the strength of the coffee, the pressure of the water in the coffee machine. The lower the pressure, the denser the paper should be.

Types of coffee

Coffee in pads can be with various flavors, such as caramel, chocolate, walnut, cream or vanilla. A combination of several flavors is possible. Also on the shelves of shops you can see the pods with coffee of varying degrees of roasting, which significantly affects the taste of the drink.

Many manufacturers began to produce sets of pads containing tablets from different varieties of coffee, with different flavors. This is very convenient, since it becomes possible to try a new type of drink each time, thereby determining the most suitable for yourself.

Attention! When choosing pods with flavors, you must carefully study the composition. A quality product has a minimal amount of "excess" ingredients.

For people with certain health problems, manufacturers offer caffeine-free products. Such varieties often have light fruity aromas.

The most common types of coffee are:

  1. For lovers of cappuccino, Italco Concerto, with its subtle, pleasant aroma of hazelnuts, is suitable.
  2. Buscaglione Long has a light bitterness, is popular with people who prefer Americano.
  3. But those who prefer espresso should pay attention to Italko Assolo.
  4. San Giusto tastes chocolate shades.
  5. ILLY Espresso is one of the strongest types of coffee; a beautiful foam is formed during cooking.
  6. Lavazza is a strong drink with a persistent chocolate aroma and aftertaste.

In general, for each type of pendant coffee machines, there are up to 20 varieties of coffee, but consumers want more and more variety. This forces manufacturers to work on new types of coffee tablets.

How to choose the pads

In order to make the right product choice and not be disappointed in the purchase, you should pay attention to several important expert tips:

  1. Much depends on the place of growing coffee beans. The best varieties are brought from Ethiopia. Grains brought from Costa Rica and Colombia are not inferior to them in taste characteristics. But coffee in Haiti has a slightly unusual sweet flavor.
  2. Pay attention to the degree of grinding. Better to choose a medium degree.
  3. You can not save on quality. The composition, as a rule, includes robusta. And the lower its content, the higher the quality of the drink, and accordingly the price. Coffee is considered ideal in which it is present in an amount of 20%.
  4. Pads should be bought in accordance with the technical requirements of the coffee maker and the manufacturer's recommendations. Deviation from them can lead to a tasteless and poor-quality coffee, as well as damage to the equipment.

Coffee machines for pads

The following companies are engaged in the production of coffee machines that operate using pads:

  • WMF AG.
  • Severin.
  • Philips

This technique is quiet and high quality finished drink. However, many are not happy that there is no way to adjust the strength of the coffee.

Manufacturers believe that such a remark should not apply to the coffee machine, but to the pads. The consumer should buy coffee tablets of the desired degree of strength. But experts believe that the fortress also depends on the speed of passage of water (this applies to pressed pads).

The slower the water passes through the tablet, the stronger the drink. Also, the higher the density of pressed coffee, the higher the strength, since the liquid manages to “take” much more gustatory qualities from ground beans.Pod coffee makers are very easy to operate. It is enough to lay the filter bag and after half a minute the aromatic drink is ready. Almost immediately, you can load the next chald, no dirt remains after making coffee.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any technique has its pros and cons. The main advantages of pod coffee machines include:

  1. Always fresh and full-bodied taste of coffee, even if the filter bags were stored in the packaging for a long time (the manufacturing method retains all qualities for a long time).
  2. Economical use of pads. They are often sold in large packages, which last a long time.
  3. Absolute lack of chemical additives. The composition includes only natural products.
  4. Filter paper is considered environmentally friendly and safe for human health.
  5. Ease of brewing coffee.
  6. Quickly get a flavored drink.

But, of course, there are several drawbacks:

  1. Little-known manufacturers may not use the best quality raw materials.
  2. The choice of coffee types is somewhat limited.
  3. There is no way to independently adjust the strength of the drink.
  4. Pods are not considered a common product in stores, finding them is quite problematic. It is even more difficult to find a variety of filter packets with additives.
  5. The price is considered high in comparison with common coffee machines.

Making a choice of a coffee machine, each consumer decides for himself what qualities of technology are a priority for him and what should be paid attention to. In any case, a pen coffee machine is fast and of high quality.

The technological process of making coffee in pads

The use of pod coffee machines is not difficult even for young children. The filter bag is removed from the packaging, placed in a special compartment in the coffee machine and after 30 seconds a cup of aromatic coffee is obtained. The work of the technique is as follows: water heated to a certain temperature under high pressure passes through the pod, pulling out all the aromas and tastes from the coffee.

Then the drink just drains into cups. Some models (more expensive) provide for a change in operating modes, which is also done very simply and does not require much effort. Or a technique has been developed that allows you to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time, which is very convenient. There are no problems with cleaning the coffee machine: it is enough to simply remove and discard the used pail along with the remaining contents.

Attention! Reuse of the pads is not permitted.

Experts believe that the taste and quality of coffee brewed in a pod coffee machine is no worse than a drink made in a Turk according to all the rules.

But the cooking method saves people valuable time.

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