What water to pour in the iron

Household appliances require quality and competent care. The iron also needs care. If this device has a steaming function, then water should be poured into it, and which one can be found in this article.

Which water is best for an iron

Boiled water

This method of water purification is the most famous. But boiled water for an iron is far from the best option. Even in boiled water, there are elements that can disrupt the operation of the device.

Experts advise, along with boiled water, to add demineralized water to the iron in a ratio of 1: 1. This method will protect the iron from scale.

Special water for irons

This liquid is found in household appliance stores. Special water helps with ironing. Its main advantages are the protection of the iron against scale and the fabric from stains. Such water is purified, where various impurities that can affect the operation of the device are removed from the composition.

Reference. Also, quite often you can find water for irons with various flavors. Such flavorings, of course, will give things a pleasant aroma, but can adversely affect the operation of the iron.

Melt water

Substances capable of staining are present in liquids of this origin. Some substances affect the overall iron performance. Pouring such water into the iron is not recommended.

Can distilled water be added?

Distilled water is completely purified and, it would seem, harmless. But she has a drawback - a rather high boiling point. Such a characteristic may cause certain difficulties during evaporation, problems with the evaporator chamber may occur.

Reference. It is recommended to mix distilled water with ordinary tap water in a ratio of 1: 2.

Which water is best for an iron

As it was found out, the most suitable water for ironing clothes is special water for irons, which does not harm the irons and things.

What water should not be poured into an iron

Do not pour boiled, distilled or melt water into the iron. Such liquids will lead to scale in the boiler, as well as to malfunctions of the device itself. They can also damage things or stain them.

Tip. In order for the device to work as far as possible, it is recommended to flush the boiler after each use of the iron. To do this, you can use the following tool: add 1.5 liters of vinegar to 1 cup of clean water. Pour such water into the iron, shake and leave for a while. After, the liquid can be drained. This method allows you to remove scale without harm to the iron.

Why add water to the iron?

Most modern models have a steaming function. This feature allows water to soak the fibers of the fabric, after which it becomes softer. When water begins to evaporate, the tissue is moistened, therefore, friction between the fibers is reduced. When the friction between the fibers decreases - the fabric straightens easily and can be ironed.

How does water affect the iron and ironing quality?

As mentioned above, clean, filtered water should be poured into the iron. Simple water contributes to the formation of scale on the walls of the iron, as well as on its heating elements.

A special cup is used to fill the water. Such a cup has a bent nose, due to which water does not spill, but gets into the iron. Some irons have a water hole on the handle.

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