How to enable a touch screen on a laptop

The rapid development of modern technology allows manufacturers to improve their technology and add various features. Everyone already knows about touch screens in various devices. They are actively used in phones, tablets, in displays of some cameras ... Now, developers have come up with a version of the touch screen for laptops.

The advantage of a sensor on a laptop

Until recently, all models were equipped with a standard monitor for displaying images. And all user management actions had to be carried out using the keyboard and mouse.

The sensor feature has been added relatively recently. But she immediately became popular with users. This control method provides convenience and comfort during operation, and also makes navigation in the system interface easy.

In our article we will talk about how to connect this option on a laptop.

IMPORTANT! Switching on and off the sensory perception function is possible only if the equipment is equipped with this feature. Check the information on the manufacturer’s website in advance or ask sellers.

How the touch screen works on a laptop

To begin with, it will be useful to find out how this technology works in modern devices. The basic principle of operation is the recognition of the touch of a hand on the display on the monitor. Technique recognizes the signal transmitted from the fingers to the internal elements of the chip, for processing and converting the incoming command. After that, the signal is converted into a specific action that the user sees on his screen.

Various components and programs are involved in this process. They instantly process the received commands and activate a specific action.

Connect and disconnect the touchpad on laptops

If you are convinced that your device has this function, you can proceed with the connection.

Important! Usually the information is given in the instruction and operating manual that comes with the purchased equipment.

Action algorithm

If there is no documentation or you have lost it, use the following action plan to activate the sensor.

  • Activate the work of the equipment in standard user mode, wait for all components to load.
  • Enter the main menu of the system by pressing the "start".
  • After that, select "Control Panel", go into it.
  • In the drop-down list of sections go to "pen and touch input". Among the options for controlling the display select your finger as the main tool.
  • Now it remains to calibrate the sensitivity and position of the display for better interaction.

After these manipulations, you will be able to perform various actions and commands with a simple hand touch. If necessary, you can further adjust the screen settings and input method for ease of use.

In various operating systems, due to differences in the interface, it can be difficult to find the path to the desired settings section.

Important! For quick orientation, use the search line in the "start" section or ask the assistant to "execute" using Win or the keyboard shortcut Win + R.

Now you know how to enable the touchpad on your laptop. This will make its use more convenient.

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