Well, a very simple and interesting puff from an old tire

Do-it-yourself things are always treated with special love. After all, a soul is invested in them, individual design ideas are embodied. Often such things become the main attraction of the house.

Why tire furniture should interest you

Nowadays, do-it-yourself enthusiasts often use used car tires as a starting material. In the summer cottages from this material you can see flower beds, swings, washbasins, garden decorations, and, of course, furniture. All these products fit perfectly into the country landscape, are very economical, but, most importantly, they are made with their own hands.

This does not require special skill, materials and tools. Only ingenuity, fiction and innovative solutions are needed. Therefore, the manufacture of furniture from tires is an inexhaustible fount for the creativity of every craftsman.

What materials and tools will be required

To make a ottoman from a car tire, the following tools are needed:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • furniture stapler;
  • glue gun;
  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • brush.

Of the materials required:

  • plywood 10-12mm thick or chipboard;
  • furniture wheels or legs;
  • foam rubber;
  • fabric or leatherette;
  • thick rope;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • colorless varnish.

Instructions for making a beautiful ottoman tire

We divide the manufacturing process of the ottoman into three parts:

  1. Making the bottom.
  2. Making a seat.
  3. Work with the side.

Attention! Before starting work with the tire, it must be thoroughly washed and dried.

Initially, you need to determine the place where the ottoman will stand. If this is an open suburban area, then the lower part of the additional elements can be omitted. It is quite stable and is not affected by climatic precipitation. If you plan to use the ottoman on the veranda, in the gazebo or country house, then you need to make a bottom. To do this, draw a circle on plywood or chipboard, the diameter of which is equal to the outer diameter of the tire, and cut it out with a jigsaw.

Attention! In order to make the bottom more durable and not exposed to moisture, it must be painted in two layers with furniture varnish or oil paint.

Then, with a screwdriver, legs or furniture wheels are attached to the bottom. On the tire, the bottom is fixed with screws. The presence of the lower part also allows you to store things inside this furniture.

To make a seat, on plywood or chipboard, you need to draw a circle whose diameter is two centimeters larger than the inner diameter of the tire, and saw it out with a jigsaw. Then lay this blank on the foam rubber and draw a line along the edge of the circle with a pencil. Cut the foam rubber along the line with a knife.

On the table, lay out the fabric on which the cut circles of foam rubber and plywood are laid. The fabric is stretched and fixed around the perimeter on the plywood with a furniture stapler. Upon completion, excess tissue is trimmed with scissors.

Attention! If the ottoman will not stand under a canopy, it is better to use a raincoat fabric so that it does not get wet.

Work with the side are the most creative. Their task is to give the ottoman a unique design look.

  1. The easiest option is to paint. It can be a plain color, pattern or ornament.
  2. You can also use fabric or leatherette for decoration. A piece of such material is superimposed on the side and the place of its connection is marked. Then, a seam is made on the sewing machine at the mark to make a cylinder. The resulting blank is put on the tire and tucked under the bottom and seat.
  3. A very interesting kind of ottoman is obtained when finishing with a thick rope. To do this, glue is applied to the tire around the seat perimeter, with which a rope is fixed. It is applied in dense layers over the entire surface. For strength, the rope is coated with colorless varnish.

If the ottoman from one tire is not very convenient in height, then you can use two or three blanks that are fastened together using self-tapping screws or bolts.

This article contains instructions for making a ottoman from a car tire and some design solutions that will help everyone independently make such furniture for a summer house and reveal their creative potential.

Watch the video: How to cut a tire and make it into a garden (January 2020).


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