Is it possible to sleep on the bed of the deceased

After a person has recovered from the death of a loved one, a reasonable question arises - what to do with the furniture of the deceased? And if for someone immediately getting rid of the deceased’s things does not amount to material losses, for some furniture is an expensive item. However, prejudice and some emotional factors make it difficult to simply take a sofa or bed to the trash. It happens that after burying one of the spouses, the wife or husband continues to sleep in a common bed with the deceased spouse. In this material, we considered all the options for what to do with the furniture of the deceased.

What to do with the furniture of the deceased

Actions will depend on the realization of how much this furniture is needed. If it is expensive, functional or just do not want to throw it away, then here are some tips and thoughts.

Is it possible to sleep on the bed / sofa on which the deceased slept

In this case, two options are possible: the deceased simply used the bed, or died right on it. In the latter case, it is highly advisable to throw out the furniture. But if, nevertheless, for some reason, the bed needs to be left, you can not sleep on it. First, if the deceased was dying of illness, the laundry would be “infected.” Secondly, everything will be saturated with extremely negative energy here.

An interesting expression is circulated among the people: "It is better to sleep on the grave of a deceased than on his bed." There definitely is some truth in this, especially if a person has been sick for a long time and has used this bed - then it is saturated with torment and suffering.

Should I use the furniture of the deceased

In such difficult moments of life, it is difficult to recover from the loss of a loved one. It is worth waiting a bit for the emotional pain to subside, and only then proceed with the revision of the room where the deceased lived. Before deciding the fate of furniture, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. For example, if the room has a new sideboard in good condition, then why not continue to use it. You only have to think about the bed, as mentioned above, and over such elements as a chair, a personal bedside table and a wardrobe with clothes. From the point of view of extrasensory perception, such furniture will not bring anything good.

What psychics say

All psychics unanimously say that any thing of a deceased person has negative energy. Especially if he was dying in his own bed, in which case he would have to throw it away or carry out powerful rituals of purification from negative energy. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all whether a person was kind and sympathetic during his life or evil - the aura will always be negative.

What does medicine say

Imagine a situation: the apartment of a deceased person, in which he suffered from a disease for a long time. In this case, all the doctors will say that the room and, in particular, the furniture are unsafe - there is a risk of “catching” this disease itself. Careful treatment of all surfaces, prolonged ventilation of the room, and the elimination of bedding and mattresses are required. At first, it is extremely undesirable to enter the apartment, it is better to constantly visit here and re-clean.

In other moments, when there is no risk of contracting any disease, you can safely use furniture. Here, medicine calmly refers to this, and scientists who question the question of any energy and evil spirits. If furniture is of value to you, or if it is just quite usable, it is wise to leave it in the house.

What the church says

The Orthodox Church is convinced that the furniture of the deceased needs consecration. Priests agree with psychics that negative energy remains, evil spirits and demons can also appear. Sanctification takes place with the help of holy water and fire - you need to walk around the room with a candle, reciting prayers. The furniture of the deceased should be sprinkled with holy water, which is typed in any church source or bought in a shop.

In general, the church is calm about the use of personal belongings and furniture of the deceased. For example, it’s even customary to give out clothes to the needy, who will remember the deceased with a kind word. However, this can only be done after the fortieth day, when the soul of the deceased has already gone to another world. Similarly with furniture - it is possible to use it only after the fortieth day and obligatory consecration.


The decision is always made by the loved one of the deceased. If you want to leave furniture, no one forbids, however, you need to take a number of measures. For example, all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and washed, freed from things (cupboard, bedside table, chest of drawers), to throw out linen and a mattress (bed). In the room where the person lived, it is necessary to rearrange and repair their aesthetic considerations, to change the situation and dull the memories, associations. If you are superstitious and / or believe, then you need to conduct a ritual of purification or sanctification.

The most important thing is to protect your physical and psychological health. Do not succumb to influence from the outside, you need to listen to yourself, throw a thing or not - your choice. Losing a loved one is always difficult, but it is important to transfer this stage of life and live on.

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