How to choose a car refrigerator

A refrigerator for vehicles is not a thing of prime necessity; it is necessary for people who travel a lot or in cases where work is associated with long journeys.

Car refrigerators can be in the form of an ordinary refrigerator bag, or plugged into the cigarette lighter and powered by electricity. The bag will keep cold the time allotted to it by the manufacturer, and the refrigerator powered by the network will independently produce a cooling effect on products, like a regular home refrigerator, only several times less.

Types of car refrigerators

Mini-refrigerators connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter have several types:

  1. Thermoelectric models. Inside there is a small fan and a thermocouple, it comes to working condition either from the power supply network or from the cigarette lighter. Energy consumption is low. Takes up little space. The only drawbacks are that it does not know how to freeze and rather slowly produces cooling.
  2. Absorption models. It works from the same sources as the previous view, but the ability to work with gas is added. The refrigerant circulates inside the tubes, which allows for rapid cooling of the products. It is also quite compact and spends a little energy. Sensitive to inclinations exceeding 30 degrees - stops working due to impaired movement of the refrigerant.
  3. Compressor models. Freon acts as a refrigerant, therefore, in structure, this type resembles a familiar refrigerator. There is plenty of space inside and the cooling is pretty quick. Negative features of this choice - weight, rather big price. Such models do not work on gas.
  4. Hybrid equipment - An expensive option that offers the owner several cooling options.

We recommend choosing a car refrigerator with a compressor.

The benefits of a cooler bag

Spending time in the car for a long time leads the driver to buy a cooler bag. This is especially true for avid fishermen, hunters or just travelers.

Thermoboxes help keep food fresh during relatively short trips. There will be enough supplies for a small group of people, especially since there can be several such bags. Why choose a refrigerator bag:

  • low cost;
  • ease of use;
  • keeps food temperature up to five hours;
  • connects to the cigarette lighter;
  • can be used for a long time, for example, in travel.

What is the difference between insulated bags

Such bags keep the temperature of products a certain amount of time, work like a thermos. Conveniently, such models can be used without connecting to power. The bag will help maintain the temperature for a short time.

What is the principle of adsorption models in a car?

Such refrigerators contain a heat pump inside that combines with refrigerant and hydrogen to form pressure. Such models can also heat products if necessary, and their operation in cooling mode is not interrupted. At the same time, models can work both from a home outlet and from a cigarette lighter.

Conveniently, the design of this refrigerator is closed, and no parts prevent it from being installed where it will be convenient for the driver.

Pros and cons of low temperature chambers

Such models are shockproof. They can be connected to the cigarette lighter, and to the power supply network. Depending on the type, gas operation is possible. It is convenient to use, but its rather high price is considered a disadvantage.

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