Difference between a coffee machine and a coffee machine

The assortment includes several types of coffee machines. They differ in the way they make a fragrant drink. In addition, they all differ in names and have many modifications with different functionality within the same brand.

A coffee maker and a coffee machine are two completely different types of equipment for brewing grain coffee. To understand what the difference between the two devices is, it is necessary to consider their capabilities and design features.

What is the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine

The coffee machine is designed for automated brewing of natural coffee. Human intervention in the cooking process is minimal.

Compared with a coffee maker, the device has expanded functionality and large dimensions. Coffee makers make drinks from ground raw materials, while coffee machines can grind grains on their own.

Important! Fans of natural coffee claim that coffee machines prepare it more professionally. The finished drink has a rich aroma and delicate taste.

Office coffee maker

Many models of coffee makers only support manual controls. Grains must first be crushed in a coffee grinder.

The user must independently measure the raw materials and put them in a special tank, fill in the required volume of water and turn on the cooking mode. In simple devices only one brewing method is available.

Semi-automatic devices perform only part of the functions automatically. They can measure the right amount of water, turn off at the end of the process. Semi-automatic devices include machines for making espresso and some carob models. This type of device is as close as possible to the capabilities of coffee machines.

Office coffee machine

Coffee machines are designed to perform a full cycle of operations for the preparation of aromatic coffee, from grinding the beans to distributing the hot drink into cups.

Semi-automatic devices perform all functions without user intervention only after setting the desired cooking modes. A person needs to pour grains into a bunker, pour water. At the same time, the proportions of water, milk and raw materials can be changed independently, experimenting with the taste of the drink. Automatic models dispense ingredients on their own.

The cooking process does not require user intervention, which greatly simplifies the cooking process. The degree of grinding the user adjusts to taste preferences. To create a delicious coffee according to your own wishes, you must correctly configure the machine.

Coffee brewing process in a coffee maker.

In drip models, ground raw materials are poured into a special funnel directly onto the filter. The filter in them can be paper or metal. When boiling water in the tank, boiling water passes through the filter, impregnating the ground grains.

In geyser models, boiling water rises to the upper compartment, in which brewing occurs, as it heats up. A rich drink with a bright aroma is poured into a cup.

Capsule devices make coffee from portioned capsules. The capsule is a pressed ground grain, designed for the preparation of one portion. Water moves through the capsule, creating a fully ready-to-use coffee drink. The assortment includes capsules for brewing various types of coffee drinks. A variety of capsule models are pod coffee makers. Instead of capsules, special pills are laid in them - pods. Their brewing method is identical.

Important! In coffee makers, manufacturers focus on the process of preparing a drink, allowing the user to customize several options for the taste of the drink, independently adjusting the amount of raw materials for brewing.

The process of brewing coffee in a coffee machine

The coffee machine automatically dispenses the raw materials and volume of water for one serving in accordance with the selected brewing mode. Impregnation of grains ground with a coffee machine in boiling water is carried out under pressure. Therefore, the strength of the finished drink is higher than when brewing in a coffee maker. The aroma is also more saturated. Automated devices independently perform:

  • grinding of grains with automatic adjustment of the degree of grinding;
  • beat milk to a foam state;
  • automatic washing at the end of cooking;
  • heated cups before serving a portion of the drink.

Important! During the cooking process, the user cannot influence the procedure and adjust the settings or proportions of the ingredients.

The list of drinks that can be prepared in coffee makers

Drip devices and geyser counterparts are able to brew one type of coffee according to the standard procedure. The ingredients are placed in a coffee maker, turn on the cooking mode. Espresso machines allow you to make both espresso and Americano. Some carob units are equipped with a cappuccino maker. It is possible to brew latte, flat white, cappuccino in them.

For drip coffee makers, it is recommended to purchase grains of the same grade. It is possible to use high-grade raw materials. Such drinks perfectly reveal their aroma and taste. For geyser machines, it is better to choose medium-roasted coffee beans of any monosorts. For espresso machines, dark roasted grains or ready-made blends are suitable.

The list of drinks that can be prepared in a coffee machine

The automated preparation of coffee in coffee machines allows you to choose several options for making coffee based on espresso. By changing the proportion of ingredients and the strength of the tea leaves, you can make ristretto, americano, espresso and lungo. To select the desired recipe, just turn on the corresponding option on the panel. Milk-based recipes include cappuccino, macchiato, latte and flat white.

Comparison of additional features and capabilities

Coffee makers have a minimum number of settings. Making coffee does not require special skills, it is enough to know the proportions of ground beans and water for making a fragrant drink. Capsule models are distinguished by the pressure at which the welding occurs. Pressure varies between 3-15 bar.

Coffee machines have more features. They allow adjustment according to the hardness of the water, preparation of the drink according to a specific recipe, dosing of the liquid in milliliters, the choice of strength and saturation of the drink. Models of the premium series are able to integrate with the system of "smart home" and allow remote control. They are equipped with a delayed start function.

Price comparison

Budget coffee makers are drip and geyser models. The price for them starts from 1000 rubles. Semiautomatic devices will cost 2700-3000 rubles. Pumping devices with a capacity of 15 bar cost over 5,000 rubles. Capsule models can be bought for 3000-5000 rubles. They differ in technical characteristics.

Budget coffee machine will cost 20,000 rubles. Such devices can be equipped with a cappuccino machine - nozzle and grinding function. Elite models suggest professional brewing according to any recipe. The price for them starts from 200 000 rubles.

What is the difference between a capsule coffee machine and a capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machines and coffee makers brew a drink from pressed raw materials, which differ in the type of coffee and the degree of its roasting. The user sets all the functions in the coffee maker independently, the coffee machines prepare the drink fully automatically. In preparation, the user can use variations of the drink by combining different varieties of coffee.

Capsule Coffee Machine Features

When choosing a coffee machine, pay attention to its performance: how many cups it should quickly prepare. The second parameter is the range of drinks offered by the device. For each specific model of different manufacturers there is a range of capsules. The taste and aroma of coffee completely depends on the characteristics of the device.

For a high-quality drink, it is recommended to choose units with a pressure rating of at least 15 bar. Capsules can be purchased in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or choose a replacement at your discretion. To prepare a cappuccino, it is necessary to purchase capsules with powdered milk. Container for collecting used capsules, automatic shutdown, digital display - additional options that will simplify the welding process.

Capsule Coffee Machine Features

The coffee maker has a simplified cooking mechanism. All preparatory work is performed by the user. After piercing the capsule with the apparatus, water gradually passes through the raw material under pressure, after which the drink is poured into the cup.

The device remains clean and does not need additional cleaning. It is enough to take out the used capsule. When choosing a particular model pay attention to the power, which should be 1200 watts and above.

The taste and aroma of the drink depend on the pressure parameter. Strong coffee is created by devices with a pressure of 15 bar. Pay attention to the volume of the water tank. There are devices for brewing one cup of drink. Some models are suitable for brewing coffee for 5-6 people. The water level indicator, the option to adjust the raising of the pallet, the illuminated display are additional options that will make the cooking process more comfortable.

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