How to make a mattress tougher

We bought a new orthopedic mattress, but instead of the expected comfort you feel inconvenient during rest and sleep poorly? Or was the old mattress worn out and began to cause a feeling of discomfort?

Perhaps your berth does not have the necessary degree of rigidity. Is there any way to fix this?

Increased rigidity of the mattress - is it suitable for everyone?

In what cases should you increase the rigidity of the mattress and is it necessary to do this? Hardness increase recommended:

  • in the presence of excess weight, an impressive build;
  • if you have a habit of sleeping on your back or stomach;
  • with health problems in the upper spine, stoop;
  • at a young age, when the correct anatomical position of the spinal column and the exclusion of the probability of its curvature are very important;
  • at the age of 25-45 years, even in the absence of health complaints.

How to change the rigidity of a berth

It is impossible to make the mattress stiffer. But to change the rigidity of the berth with the help of additional means is quite realistic. To do this, you can buy a thin mattress with orthopedic properties, or an orthopedic mattress cover.

Product may have different heights. (3-10 cm) and have varying degrees of rigidity. To avoid slipping, it is attached to the main mattress using special elastic bands.

Coconut mattress cover (topper) - the best solution

One of the most effective ways to increase the rigidity of a berth is to purchase an orthopedic mattress cover (topper) with a layer of coconut coir - long fibers growing on a coconut shell, preventing the nut from cracking if it falls. Coconut coir is an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic product.

Read more about what a topper mattress is here.

Topper fillers are made in two versions:

  • From needle-punched or pressed coir. This technology is used for inexpensive mattresses. Coconut fibers are pressed, and then pierced and fastened with special needles. Of the advantages - low cost and a high degree of rigidity. Among the shortcomings are fragility, rapid delamination, crumbling, loss of elasticity and orthopedic properties.
  • From latex coir. This technology is used to make more expensive mattresses. Coconut fibers are impregnated with latex. This increases the elasticity and resilience of the filler, prevents crumbling of the coir, makes the filler resistant to deformation. The larger the latex filler, the harder it is. Is optimal ratio of 50% lycra and 50% coir.

Important! orthopedic mattress covers with a layer of coconut coir cannot be bent and twisted - this can lead to breakage of natural fibers.

Benefits of Coconut Coir Toppers

Coconut mattress covers not only improve the orthopedic effect of the mattress, but also have a number of other advantages. They are well ventilated, waterproof, not subject to rotting processes, have an antibacterial effect, microorganisms do not multiply in them.

They have a high degree of strength and strength, smooth out irregularities. When used correctly, they are not deformed. Coconut topper extends the life of the main mattress, as it protects it from various contaminants and dust, hides existing defects.

During sleep on a mattress with a mattress cover made of coconut coir, the human body takes a comfortable position, in which there is an even distribution of the load on the whole body, muscle relaxation, the correct location of the spine.

Attention: orthopedic toppers made of coconut fiber must be stored strictly horizontally!

Making the right topper selection

When choosing a topper, you should pay attention to the color of coconut fibers. Qualitative, ripened coir is dark brown, with elastic and strong fibers. Inexpensive mattress covers are often made from unripe coir.

The thickness of the filler affects the orthopedic properties of the mattress pad. If the filler contains 100% coconut fiber, the topper should have a thickness of 3-8 cm. If the layer of coconut fiber is less than three cm, additional fillers should be included.

When choosing, it is also worth considering the weight of the person for whom the mattress cover is purchased. With weight not exceeding 90 kgenough to have a topper 3 cm thick. If a weight over 90 kgthen you need a mattress pad thick 6-8 cm.

Tip: to increase the service life of the mattress cover made of coconut coir, it is necessary to periodically turn it over.

However, not all people are shown the use of hard mattresses. Contraindication here is diseases of the lumbar spine, over 50 years old. In these cases, the opposite effect may turn out - an increase in existing pain, a feeling of discomfort, and poor sleep. Therefore, people who fall into these categories need to choose a mattress with great care.

Increasing the rigidity of the mattress with the help of an orthopedic mattress cover (topper) made of coconut coir will allow you to get a comfortable berth that can give you a feeling of comfort, good sleep, a healthy spine and eliminate the need to purchase a new, more expensive mattress.

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