What is a topper mattress

It's no secret that not every Russian can afford a luxurious bed with an orthopedic mattress. Many of us sleep on a folding sofa, which affects the comfort of rest and sleep. If your sleeping place is harsh, the old mattress is deformed or the joints on the couch interfere with sleeping, a topper mattress (topper, mattress cover, mattress cover) will come to the rescue, which will “extend the life” of your bedroom place.

Such a mattress can be called a winning alternative to a classic mattress, because the topper can be used as a mattress cover on a bed, sofa and orthopedic mattresses, and as a full mattress.

Reference.Toppers are made tall 4-10 cm. Heights 6-7 cm will be enough to create the perfect sleeping place. It is logical that the thicker your mattress cover is, the smoother the surface on which you sleep.

Mattress Topper Filling

Before buying, be sure to familiarize yourself with the composition of the topper filler. Of course, natural is preferable, since they are more durable, although they cost more.

Of the natural fillers can be noted:

  • coconut fiber in pressed or latexed form (the latter option is more elastic and durable);
  • latex (foamed rubber), which is characterized by increased softness;
  • algae, agave fibers (such natural fillers are often used for children's mattress covers)

Artificial fillers include:

  • artificial latex made of polymeric material, which is distinguished by elasticity, but, unlike natural, it is more rigid;
  • polyurethane foam (PUF) is softer than artificial latex, but inferior to it in elasticity, unfortunately, quickly sagging;
  • the memorform ("smart foam") consists of polyurethane with high elasticity, such a foam repeats the bends of the body and easily returns to its original state;
  • combined fillers (for example, holofiber with a top layer of thermally bonded linen) give the bedroom place a flat and solid surface.

Attention!When buying a topper, do not forget that some fillers are allergic. This is especially true for coconut fiber and natural latex.

Mattress topper casing

Toppers can be curled into a roll or folding along special bends. Such mattresses are fastened with fixing elements in the corners. The stitch of toppers creates an additional orthopedic effect, and the cover is made with a non-slip synthetic coating for greater comfort. Its advantages are wear resistance, it is easily washed.

And natural covers (for example, from calico or cotton) are hypoallergenic and “breathe”. A combined variant of the cover is also possible, where the outer part is made of “breathing” fabric and the inner part is waterproof. For baby beds, they also produce special waterproof toppers with antibacterial impregnation, which is very practical.

Important!When choosing a topper, decide what is your priority: a hard or soft place to sleep, how often you will use the topper (during the day and night or just sleep on it), the weight of the person is also important. For example, slender girls will feel on a hard mattress like a "Princess and the Pea." A full person in an overly soft mattress will feel like in a hammock. It is not worth explaining that pain in the spine after such a sleep is provided.

For a tighter berth, opt for coconut fiber, and for a softer one, choose latex. For extra softness, a low-density polyurethane foam mattress or memorix (memory effect mattress) is also suitable.

If you want to correct the roughness of your sleeping place, the density of the material at the PUF should be at least 65, and the maximum load (more than 100 kg). Although most PPU mattresses are not designed for heavy weight and, unfortunately, they will last no more than 3 years.

Attention:Orthopedists of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recommend that for diseases of the spine, it is imperative to consider the rigidity of the mattress. For example, with osteochondrosis of the 1st degree, joint diseases and muscle pain, the rigidity of the berth should be minimal. And with osteochondrosis of 3-4 degrees and scoliosis, the surface should, on the contrary, be hard.

By purchasing topper mattresses, you can be sure of the quality and comfort of your sleep. They are lightweight and convenient in storage and transportation, so they are useful not only for use at home, but also in nature and in the country.

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