The quietest keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are very popular. The principle of operation is based on the use of mechanically openable contacts. The main advantage among other types - the key is peeled off before the press reaches the travel stop, it is not necessary to click to the bottom.

Top 5 quietest mechanical keyboards

Traditionally, such products on the “mechanics” are louder than their counterparts, but many companies produce surprisingly quiet keyboards. Consider a small list to determine which keyboard is the quietest.

SteelSeries Apex M750 - with dynamic backlight option

The mechanical keyboard is equipped with QX2 switches, which contribute to the high response speed of soft keys. The classic design allows you to use the input device, as complete with an office PC, and with a gaming computer. A large selection of modes of operation of LED elements will adjust the brightness to 16 million colors. Button designations are created by laser engraving, the coating is characterized by increased wear resistance to scratches and dirt. A set of F buttons provides convenient listening to music through the player and speakers. The cost is in the range of 8-10 thousand rubles.

Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent

Excellent game model with a good resource from mechanics. The manufacturer offers 3 types of low-noise damped switches, which differ in volume level. Models equipped with Blue, Brown and Red mechanisms are produced. This is the best option for each gamer, equipped with rich backlighting with different dynamic effects. Additionally, you can create personalized settings for all buttons. Functionality provides an unlimited number of simultaneously pressed keys. The removable panel for a comfortable arrangement of hands on a table is added with soft-touch covering. In retail stores the price is about 12.5 thousand rubles.

Qumo Dragon War Mechanicus

Multifunctional designer keyboard for gamers. The keys are placed on a metal plate, which provides a long service life. The user can select various types of backlight. The F button block allows you to comfortably customize color combinations, switch music, open emails, or load the start page in a browser. The fabric braid of the cable is supplemented with a gold-plated plug for the USB connector, as well as a special filter for electromagnetic interference. The cost is approximately 3.5 thousand rubles.

Rapoo V500RGB Alloy

The Rapoo V500RGB Alloy is a little noisy tenkeyless keyboard module. The peculiarity of the model is its compact size, which is achieved by optimizing the block with the Num Lock button. Saves space, with built-in multi-color lights in 16.8 million colors. The manufacturer has created 18 standard modes of illumination of buttons made of matte plastic. Excellent resource allows you to use the device for many years (keys up to 60 million clicks). The body is made of painted aluminum, which prevents damage to the electronics from spilled liquid. The brightness modes are set via the Ф block. Great build quality. The price tag is set in the range of 4000-4600 rubles.

Qcyber Dominator TKL Black USB

The keyboard is characterized by an ergonomic style. Keys - not erasable, created from matte plastic. 5 point support improves stability on glossy surfaces. The intensity of the glow is adjustable in 3 versions. A variety of color palettes. Compact size allows use on any computer desk. The cost varies on average from 2300 to 3000r.

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