How to distinguish iPhone headphones from a fake

Apple products are very nice to hold. The company is famous for its attention to detail, which is why it attracts the modern consumer.

How to understand that you have original iPhone headphones?

If we talk about the headphones that come with the Apple brand phones, they have a rather high sound quality when compared with other headset samples that can be taken out of one box with a brand new smartphone. The popularity of apple gadgets has led to mass production of fakes, so everyone should know that you are holding the original EarPods in your hands. Certified Product:

  • Sold in a plastic box with a clearly embossed company logo. The shade of plastic gives off a little blue and does not have any burrs or evidence of poor-quality processing of the material;
  • Headphone weight. Cupertino inserts in a box weigh 31 grams;
  • Sound quality. Using the original, you can count on the lack of high-frequency wheezing, and sometimes on a good bass.

How to understand that this is a fake?

Chinese headphones can be distinguished by the following criteria:

  • Price. If EarPods cost much less than $ 50, it’s highly likely that this is not the original;
  • Plastic gives a yellowish tint and is not very pleasant to the touch;
  • Excessive seams on plastic;
  • The headset is pressed hard or with an uncharacteristic sound. On the most low-quality fakes, this action may not lead to any result at all;
  • The speaker grille in fakes is most often made of rag material, and not of metal, as in the original;
  • Sound is the most important and obvious factor. Wheezing, lack of low frequencies - all this will say that you listen to music through a Chinese fake.

If you came across Apple headphones that were not purchased in the company's official store, you should carefully check them for the presence of these parts, because few people will be pleased to use non-original products, especially if you had to pay an amount close to the cost of real ones EarPods

Watch the video: iPhone EarphoneHeadPhone Fake VS Orginal How to Check Copy VS Original (April 2020).


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