What coffee is best for a coffee machine

Many people enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Mostly, a natural product is preferred over a soluble raw material.

Save money on the preparation of the drink help coffee machines. They produce delicious and aromatic coffee. How to choose grains for this device?

Important! Be sure to read the instructions. The subtleties of the coffee machine are registered in it.

Of great importance is the price of coffee. Good grains are expensive, they have high taste.

When choosing coffee beans, you should first pay attention to their size. Best for a coffee machine are medium-sized grains. Please note that they do not have chips.

Of great importance is the type of roasting. The taste and aroma of brewed coffee will depend on it.

It is better to choose Italian roasting.

High-quality grains for coffee machines should be stored in special containers. See information about the composition, manufacturer, date of manufacture. Quality packaging should have a hole with a filter.

Be sure to check the shelf life. An expired product cooked in a coffee machine will be bitter, sweet and unpleasant.

What coffee beans are best for a coffee machine

Types, varieties of grain coffee

Different people have different taste preferences. A comparative description will help you choose the coffee with the best taste for yourself and the most suitable for the coffee machine.

Coffee beans can be bought in packaging or by weight. It is worth evaluating the aroma and appearance of the weighted product. Grains should have an oily sheen and the same size.

Coffee machine owners often choose these varieties: Jardin, Paulig, Kimbo, Guttenberg, Malongo.

Jardin Coffee presented in a large assortment. The brand has a different roast. The price is quite affordable.

Paulig mixed only with arabica. And Guttenberg uses robusta in different proportions.

Coffee brand Kimbo has no bitterness. He has a pronounced coffee taste. Malongo is expensive, but the price is consistent with quality.

Often, coffee machine owners prefer arabica. The type and taste of these coffee beans depends on the place of cultivation. There are different varieties of arabica coffee: barbon, katura, aramos, typical, mocha.

Robusta varieties include amber and quilu. Coffee, called monosort, grows in a specific territory of the country. There should be grains of one collection in a pack. It is mostly arabica.

The most expensive option is grains from Puerto Rico. There are other varieties that are suitable for use in a coffee machine.

The most popular coffee bean producers

On sale there is coffee grown in various places on Earth. These may be the islands of the Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Hawaii, etc.

Coffee beans brought from the Caribbean are fragrant and delicious. Many manufacturers like them at affordable prices.

Most of the products on the world market are Brazilian coffee. It is distinguished by high palatability.

Coffee beans from Mexico and Colombia are inexpensive and popular. Expensive coffees are grown in the Hawaiian Islands. An Arabian drink may seem special in taste. He has his own connoisseurs.

How to choose coffee for your machine among such a variety of producing countries and varieties.

In our country, the most popular are companies "Italkafe", "Wintergreen", "LavAzza", "Malongo", "Bristol", "Musetti" and others.

You can find a recommended list of varieties in the coffee machine manual.

How to understand whether the selected coffee was suitable for a particular machine

If coffee is not selected correctly, the machine may break. For example, according to the instructions, you can use ground coffee. The size of the grinding is important here. If, when loading fine grinding coffee, it flows in thin streams, then the cameras of the brewing mechanism are clogged.

Coffee millstones can rust over time. This means that they used too oily grains.

If the machine has ceramic millstones, then too hard raw materials will not work. There should be no extraneous noise during operation. It is possible due to incorrectly selected grains.

High humidity products can be harmful to the coffee machine. Grains should not be too hard or with impurities, otherwise the coffee machine may break.

Flavoring can also bring harm to the device. Their substances gradually corrode the plastic of the container.

Coffee beans must be dry. Otherwise, the grinding mechanism will suffer. When choosing a product, look in what package it is in. To cheap plastic containers should be treated with caution.

What kind of coffee grind is best for a coffee machine

Coffee Grinding Degrees

For coffee machines, the degree of grinding of the grains is of great importance. There are five types:

  • large (coarse);
  • average;
  • small (thin);
  • ultrafine;
  • powdery.

Coarse grains have a size of 1 mm. Medium grinding is universal.

The difference between Arabica and Rabusta

Arabica and Robusta are the main varieties of coffee. They differ in taste and shape of the fruit.

Grain arabica beans are large and round, have different shades of taste and low caffeine content. The yield of this coffee is not very large.

Grains of Robusta oblong. It is characterized by richness, strength and bitterness. It has a lot of caffeine. The height of the cream foam depends on its presence.

Manufacturers often mix these two varieties. From this, the taste of coffee only benefits. The drink becomes velvety and rich.

What degree of grinding is suitable for which coffee machine

Coffee is ground in many ways. The industrial method gives a homogeneous coffee, but at the same time part of the aromatic substances is lost.

True fans of the drink prefer to grind coffee at home and in small portions. You can use electric, mechanical coffee grinders.

A Turkish mill will dust the grains, which is ideal for Turkish coffee.

Coffee machines can have different functions. Whenever possible, the degree of grinding on the coffee machine should be adjusted with the machine turned on. The particle size of the grains can be increased or decreased using the slider.

Having tried several grinding options, choose the best taste and use this setting all the time.

Coarse coffee particles linger well in the filter. They are suitable for brewing in a French press, drip coffee maker or coffee pot.

For coffee machines, you can use coarse and medium coffee.

Fine and powder grinding is prepared in a Turk. Ultrafine coffee is brewed in coffee machines that are suitable for this.

For a carob coffee maker, it is also better to take medium grains. You can make espresso in it. Coffee is poured into the horn of the machine. It is necessary to adjust the temperature and pressure.

The modern coffee machine is a pendant espresso machine. It uses a compressed coffee tablet (pod). The degree of grinding does not need to be adjusted.

Attention! Standard coffee machines are designed to use medium-ground coffee.

Coffee waste from a coffee machine as fertilizer

Coffee cake can be used as fertilizer in the garden and in the garden, for indoor plants. It has a lot of useful substances.

With the introduction of such fertilizer, the soil becomes more fertile. Moreover, such top dressing will be useful for any type of soil.

In the coffee grounds there are trace elements: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen. According to gardeners, land fertilized with coffee grounds is attractive to earthworms. And there are fewer pests.

This fertilizer prevents the growth of weeds, saturates it with oxygen, better retains moisture.

Before using the cake you need to dry. It’s easiest to add it to compost and then use it all.

So, for a coffee machine, you can use different varieties of coffee. Everything will depend on the functionality of the device and the taste preferences of the owner.

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