What is better iron or steam generator

In any family, especially a large one, things constantly accumulate that need to be ironed. This monotonous activity often takes a lot of time. Therefore, to help housewives, improved models of irons and new equipment in the form of a steam generator are constantly being produced. And when it comes time to choose what exactly is worth buying, many find it difficult to decide.

What is the difference between a steam generator and an iron

At first glance, both devices are similar. But they have key differences:

  • The design of the iron includes a body and a heating element that connects to the sole. The steam generator, in addition to the main part in the form of an iron, has a steam station located separately. She has a large water tank. The steam generator is equipped with a special platform where the iron is placed. This makes the device more bulky;
  • when they look at the iron, the sole of the unit and the fabric come into contact. As a result, the surface is smoothed. The steam generator can work without contact. He does not have to touch the fabric to straighten all the folds. This is of particular importance for delicate materials.

Both devices have many differences, starting from the cost and ending with the appearance. Their differences are reflected in the tasks that they perform, their advantages and disadvantages.

Defining tasks

To stop the choice on one of the units you need to consider the tasks that you want it to perform. Despite some similarity of devices, they can perform different functions. Consider the following:

  • Ironing is only possible in a horizontal position. The steam generator can be positioned at your convenience. If the surface is at an angle or vertically, then smoothing it will still be convenient;
  • in addition to smoothing, the steam generator can be used to clean the surface. For example, it is convenient to clean the upholstery of furniture. If such a function is important to you, consider it when choosing;
  • if your task is to spend as little time as possible on the ironing process, it is worth choosing a steam generator. Its speed is much higher due to the powerful blow of the steam that it releases. This way you can iron the fabric well, even if you fold it in several layers. This is especially important for bedding;
  • the steam generator has a significantly larger water tank. Therefore, you do not need to constantly add water and interrupt the process.

What is the best iron or steam generator for the family?

It is difficult to determine which device is better. It all depends on the task and the functions that you expect to receive. It is important to compare the positive and negative qualities of each model to determine which one suits you best.

The steam generator allows you to iron delicate and thick fabrics efficiently.

Reference: if you use plain tap water, yellow spots may appear on the surface of the material.

Iron costs significantly less, and its compact dimensions make it convenient to store.

Consider the pros and cons

It is worth considering in more detail all the positive and negative features of each device in order to make the right choice.


The advantages of the iron are as follows:

  • cost. There are models of various price categories, both budget options, and quite expensive. Everyone will be able to find a suitable model;
  • mobility and compactness. Iron is much smaller and lighter.

The disadvantages include:

  • it takes more time to smooth the fabric;
  • ironing quality. Significantly inferior to iron steam generator.

Steam generator

The benefits include:

  • the use of dry steam instead of wet;
  • the high temperature of the device allows you to iron even a fabric that has been folded into several layers;
  • ironing speed. The process is much faster than using an iron;
  • large volume of water tank. No need to constantly add water;
  • Suitable for delicate items and thick materials;
  • the control panel allows you to configure the steam generator. You can turn off the steam and use it like a regular iron;
  • can be used in various positions, not only horizontally.

The cons include:

  • cost. Significantly higher than the iron;
  • dimensions. Due to the design features, the steam generator is quite large.

Steam generator or iron with a steam generator

Determining which is better, you need to take into account the specific situation. If you are going to iron a small amount of simple things, choose an iron. When it is necessary to iron constantly, a large number of fabrics, including delicate ones, the iron model with a steamer or steam generator is suitable. If you want additional care for furniture upholstery, just choose a steam generator.

Choose an iron with a steam generator

When choosing an iron, you need to consider:

  • quality of the sole. It should serve for a long time, withstand temperature extremes and be durable;
  • additional functions. If you need wet steam, a model with a built-in steam generator is suitable, with dry - with a turning point;
  • the convenience of a pen. For ease of use, the handle should be comfortable.

Choose a steam generator

To choose a steam generator, it is recommended to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • additional functions. The device can clean the fabric, steam the material in an upright position, and remove tiles and plumbing from dirt. It all depends on the tasks that you set for the equipment;
  • power. The indicator varies from 800 to 3100 watts. Do not choose the most low-power model. For home use, the device is suitable at least 2600 W;
  • steam supply. The steam supply pressure can be from 2 to 6 bar. It is recommended that you select a model with a maximum parameter value. This will allow the use of a steam generator for fabrics of any density and in various positions;
  • water tank. Its volume can be from 700 to 2200 ml. The indicator affects the dimensions of the device. If you do not plan to use the device often, a capacity of 700 ml is suitable. With frequent use of a steam generator, select the maximum volume;
  • sole. Aluminum can heat up quickly and cool down, but is prone to scratches quickly. The steel sole is sturdy and glides well, but is rather heavy. Ceramic is fragile, but glides well and heats quickly. The sole made of titanium is reliable, but it takes a long time to heat up;
  • mode of operation. The steam generator may not have a steam regulator, or it can be manually adjusted. There are models with automatic pressure adjustment according to the type of fabric. It is recommended to choose a device with steam control;
  • security. Auto shut off when the device overheats. Reliable fixation of the device on the stand. Lack of sliding of the stand on the surface. All this helps to secure the ironing process. Check the stability of the stand in the store before buying;
  • weight.On average, this figure is 3-4 kg. The steam generator must be held in hands. Therefore, it should be convenient. It is better to try to pick up various models in the store to determine which one is more comfortable.

It is impossible to determine which device is better. The tasks that you want to solve with their help are of value. It is important to determine in advance the most important selection criteria. If the price is priority for you, it is worth considering various models of irons. When the main thing is ironing quality and time saving, it is recommended to purchase a steam generator.

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