How to choose a thermo mug

Initially, such circles were only a necessary subject for a trip to nature. Since the main function of this item is to maintain the temperature regime, it is also easy to use in the winter months to prevent the cooling of hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. And in the summer, the water or juice poured into it will not become hot, even in a red-hot car or tent.

Types of Thermomugs

The material for the manufacture of thermocups is different. It can be ceramic, stainless steel or plastic. Thermal mugs are considered the most durable and long-term preserving liquid temperature. made of stainless steel.

Nowadays, plastic-based thermomugs with an inner part made of stainless steel (polypropylene or tempered glass) are often purchased. They are lightweight, comfortable in the hand, but easily damaged when struck. They are best used at home or in the office. Ceramic mugs are also of good quality, but they quickly break and break in field conditions.

The design of such mugs is divided into 3 types:

  • with a handle;
  • removable handle;
  • without a pen;
  • with non-spill cap (screw caps or screw caps);

The thermomug can work from the network, for example, from the cigarette lighter in the car or not connect to the network.

Basic parameters for selecting a thermocup


The standard volume of the mug varies from 200 ml to 700 ml. Sometimes in stores you can see thermocups up to 1 liter.

The volume is selected depending on the purpose of the subject, for example, for one person it is more rational to take 200-400 ml mugs. A large mug is suitable for the company, especially in field conditions where it is important to drink a hot drink after a long trip, while fishing or when going for mushrooms in the forest.

Which thermocup case is better

In order to determine which case is the best, you should understand where the item will be used and consider all the advantages and disadvantages. In high-quality products of this kind, there is a vacuum between the walls of the case so that heat and cold are not dissipated through the case.

Standard materials: stainless steel, ceramics, glass, plastic.


This is the most budget version of the case, thanks to which the manufacturer can make it cheaper. The material is fragile, quickly breaks and fails, scratches remain on it. The design itself is usually quite flimsy. If the inner side is lined with plastic, then drinking from it is simply harmful. Advantages: low price. Disadvantages: the material can be harmful to the body; breaks down quickly.


Such thermomugs are mainly used at home. As a rule, such products are single-walled; the liquid in them cools faster than in other cases. The material has an increased fragility, such covers are not always leakproof. They should not be put in a backpack or hike. Disadvantages: use in a car or on a camping trip is not recommended; Advantages: stylish design, they look great in the office, wash well, low cost. Disadvantages: fragility of the material, poorly hold the temperature of the liquid.


This is an excellent item for use at home, with tightness. Some models may be double-walled. It is better to use them in an office or at home, but not in traveling conditions. Pluses: easy care, unusual design. Disadvantages: high fragility.

Stainless steel

In all respects, such material is the most versatile. In such a product, it is easy to make double walls with a vacuum so that the thermomug does not burn hands and keeps the temperature regime for a long time. The material has high strength, will not break when dropped. You can use such a mug everywhere: on a hike, at home, in the office. Disadvantages: high price. Advantages: durability, double walls, tightness.

The bulb mounted in the body of the thermocup can be glass or metal. Flasks made of glass are more hygienic to use. They are easier to wash. Even if food or drinks are stored in it for a long time, then there is no specific smell.

As when using products with metal flasks. Glass flasks are made using new technologies with hardening of the material, so damaging the flask is more difficult. But metal flasks are still more reliable in operation.

The main function of thermocup mechanisms is tightness.

Types of mechanisms:

  • latch product. The most popular design, easy to open with one finger. Disadvantage: it may accidentally open if it clings to a bag;
  • product with a rotary mechanism. Opens by turning the lid. Inconvenient when a person rides in a car or bicycle, because it does not open with one hand. Plus: fluid will not spill accidentally;
  • push-button mechanism. Universal design, it will not open by accident and is easily operated with one hand. Plus: reliability. Cons: rare in stores, high price.

Heat saving

Such dishes are able to hold the desired temperature for up to 12 hours (cold juices, water) and up to 6 hours (tea, cocoa, coffee). The best design with high thermal efficiency will be a product with double walls and a vacuum.

Thermo mug: what's the best?

Choosing a thermo mug you can resort to a number of the following tips:

  • For a motorist, a cigarette lighter powered product will be more rational. It is easy to plug into a power outlet or cigarette lighter socket. It is easy to warm tea or coffee with it.
  • If a mug is needed for trips around the city, then you should not choose models with maximum thermal saving. The optimal time that the product should keep warm: from 5 to 8 hours.
  • If it is necessary that the model holds heat for a long time, then it is worth choosing models with the maximum volume.
  • Do not choose models lined with plastic inside.
  • To keep the water cold longer, you need to buy a mug with a light or white design.
  • Check the product for leaks every month.
  • When buying a thermomug in a car, measure the diameter of the cup holder.

Expert Advice

The best choice for the home will be plastic mugs of the following models:

  • Xavax Teatime;
  • STANLEY Adventure eCycle Camp Mug.

With a glass flask, experts recommend the Bodum 10326-10 model.

Steel mugs are perfect for camping, cars, home and office:

  • Contigo West Loop;
  • Regent Inox Gotto.

The thermomug should be selected based on its purpose and place of use. For home and office, both glass and ceramic products are well suited. For trips and trips into the countryside, it is better to buy a stainless steel thermo mug in the car.

If you need it for city trips, you should not choose models that keep drinks hot for a long time. The most hygienic products will be with a glass flask. They can store both milk and baby food. There is no unpleasant odor in them.

An important mechanism for closing, which ensures the tightness of the model. The most universal is the button mechanism that will not open in the bag. Although its cost is more expensive, there is a guarantee that a person who wants to drink a hot drink will find an unpleasant surprise in his bag.

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