Shaving Care

Comfort during daily shaving is very important for delicate skin. Any electric shaver requires care to ensure smooth operation. To make your device last much longer, it is enough to perform a few simple manipulations after each shave.

How to clean the electric shaver: instructions for proper cleaning

If your device works on a wet method of shaving, then after the hygiene procedure is complete, rinse the device under running hot water and dry thoroughly. To do this, you must:

  • disconnect the device from the power supply;
  • apply a little liquid soap to the mesh;
  • turn on the device - it runs on battery power;
  • shaving heads rinse under running water;
  • remove the shaving part itself and wash it separately under a stream of hot water to remove not only the bristles, but also the remnants of exfoliated skin and fat;
  • turn off the appliance, remove the protective net and the shaving unit, allow all parts of the shaver to dry well.
  • assemble the razor parts and install them.

If your razor model supports the dry method, then after using it, it is enough to clean the device with a special brush, which is included in the kit.

  • turn off the device and disconnect it from the power supply;
  • remove the protective mesh and the cutting unit, carefully remove the rest of the bristles from the indoor unit with a brush;
  • Important: Do not use the brush when cleaning the cutting part, it may damage it;
  • Replace all parts.

Proper Electric Shaver Care

Many men ignore the rules for cleaning their appliances. More expensive models are endowed with a self-cleaning system or have a sensor showing the need to clean the razor. Budget models require cleaning after each use. Thus, it is possible to maximize the life of the device. 5 - 10 minutes of your time will greatly facilitate, but rather will not lead to the cost of new knife plates. Also periodically need to lubricate the blade parts.

  • after each use, switch off the power;
  • clean according to the method of operation of your device (depends on dry or wet shaving);
  • regularly replace blade parts and lubricate them (about once every 6 months);
  • about once every six months completely discharge the battery and also fully charge it, this will ensure its long service life;
  • try to keep the device away from moisture;

Important: do not use the device when the wire is not insulated, if unusual sounds are heard or a burning smell is felt.

Lubrication, cleaning and maintenance of the electric shaver

The grease is commercially available and you can easily purchase it. Lubrication is needed in order to maintain the sharpness of the blades and reduce the negative impact on the shaving parts. If you clean the razor under a hot stream of water, it is better to apply grease every time or after 1 - 2 applications of the razor. In order to lubricate the razor it is necessary:

  • drip a few drops of grease on the shaving head;
  • turn on the razor and let the grease penetrate inside the cutting parts, for 1 to 2 minutes;
  • turn off the device;
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any grease if it comes into contact with the shaver.

Important: do not touch the surface of the shaving head with a cloth, make sure that there is not too much grease and that it does not leak from the cutting parts.

Philips razor care, Panasonic

Many new generation razors have a self-cleaning function, and they can also tell you when the razor is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Each manufacturer is trying to improve their product, razors are no exception. So, the manufacturer Philips offers special self-cleaning cartridges, special razor care products to facilitate the care of the electric shaver, and a special system for cleaning and charging electric razors of this brand has been developed.

Like Philips, Panasonic is also worried about their devices working for as long as possible, which is why a special line of care products has been developed specifically for this company’s razors, from small items such as brushes to razor replacement parts. In order for your razor to serve you for a long time, it is worth taking a little care about its cleanliness. Just a few minutes a day gives a guarantee of high-quality shaving and a long service life.

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