What milk is best for a cappuccino in a coffee machine

The choice of milk for making a cappuccino in a coffee machine should be taken seriously, since the quality of the final product, aromatic coffee with lush foam, also depends on its characteristics. The debate of professional barista about whether to use very fat milk or only cream is related to the preferences of individual coffee delicacies.

Important! When choosing milk, you need to take into account the seasonality and change in the diet of cows - these factors will affect the properties of milk purchased from the same producer.

What criteria to choose

The history and experience of making cappuccino make it possible to identify a number of criteria by which it is worth choosing milk. Among them: fat content, protein content, shelf life and others. Consider the most important criteria in brief.


The fat content of milk affects the type and composition of the resulting foam. When whipping milk with a fat content of 3.5%, an ideal foam for cappuccino is formed. This is the kind of milk used in most coffee houses.

Low fat or full skim milk - more sweet in taste and different in composition. The foam from such milk will be rather dry and quite dense, and the coffee into which it is added will have a grayish tint.

Protein content

The protein content in milk for the preparation of cappuccino is no less important than its fat content. Choose milk with a high protein content - from 2% more. In this case, the foam will turn out to be plentiful and viscous. When choosing low-protein milk, the composition of the foam will be different, with large and dry bubbles.

Natural or milk powder

When buying a product for coffee treats, be sure to check for the presence of milk powder in its composition. The fact is that a significant shelf life of milk will not be a plus for making coffee. Beating a froth of milk powder is not easy, due to the small amount of protein in its composition.

Reference! For the preparation of cappuccino, it is recommended to use exclusively natural milk.

Low Lactose Soy

Soy milk is a plant product. It, like milk containing a small amount of lactose, is suitable for people who poorly tolerate products from cow's milk. Low-lactose milk, a sweeter taste, is used by many barista.

By shelf life

If milk has a long shelf life, it is unlikely to be suitable for a cappuccino, because it contains a lot of artificial additives. Domestic cow milk, the shelf life of which is limited, - the most right choice.

By origin

Soy milk is not quite suitable for cappuccino, as its composition is very different from cow's. However, for people who cannot tolerate natural milk, in many coffee houses cappuccino is made from just such a substitute.

Why do I need to buy the right milk for a cappuccino?

Considering all the above criteria, choose the highest quality milk to get a real cappuccino with fine-grained foam. If at least one component is not taken into account, whether it is fat content, milk composition or shelf life, the taste of perfect coffee will be lost.

What brands of milk are most suitable for making cappuccino

Based on the reviews, a rating of the most popular milk brands in our country was compiled. It is from them that cappuccino is made in coffee houses and bars: Parmalat, Merry Milkman, Honest Milk, Vologda, Brest-Litovsk, Dmitrov Milk.

Add cream to cappuccino milk

Why add cream to cappuccino milk

According to one version, the cappuccino was invented by the Capuchin monks who once lived in an Italian monastery near Rome. Initially, they added cream to coffee, which when heated turned into foam.

Later, instead of cream, hot whipped milk was used. Nowadays, the barista mixes cream with milk, following the ancient tradition of Italian monks to create a unique taste and stable foam.

What cream and when can I add to cappuccino milk?

When buying coffee cream, you should pay attention to the percentage of their fat content. When added to coffee, 10% cream is most suitable because it dissolves better and does not form lumps.

Buy cream manufactured by Valio, the fat content of which is 30-38% - they create a thick foam during whipping. If you cover the prepared coffee with a dense layer of whipped cream, and then sprinkle the foam with chocolate, then you will get a delicious invigorating drink with an amazing aroma.

How best to prepare milk for whipping

Before whipping milk in a coffee machine, it must be cooled to +3, +4 degrees. The structure of the product is also important, therefore, milk cannot be boiled, but only heated to a temperature of no higher than 75 C. Make sure that there is no water in the bowl before whipping.


With the right choice of milk and observing the technology of preparation, the foam for cappuccino should be sufficiently dense, uniform and elastic, without large bubbles.

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